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the branch of biology that studies microorganisms and their effects on humans

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The introduction of automated microbiology instrumentation has been delayed by a number of intrinsic and technical problems.
If a physician wants to go to the laboratory for consultation and to discuss a result, it is no longer possible to walk down the hall and speak to Microbiology personnel.
Microbiology and Molecular Biotechnology in Pakistani educational institutions and Academia-Industry Linkage for the Progress of Science and Technology will also be discussed on the occasion.
The students, in groups of four to five, are required to research and prepare a class presentation on topics selected by the professor for their timeliness and relevance to microbiology.
Indeed, bacteriophages are the major source of genetic differences among GAS strains and seem to account in large part for strain differences in virulence, Musser reported in May at the American Society for Microbiology meeting in Washington, D.
The show's emphasis on presentations was further demonstrated by its press conferences which consisted not of companies presenting new products, but researchers presenting their papers, many of which dealt with practical applications of microbiology, such as water and food testing.
Chapters specifically report microbiological methods, quantification of marine microbial populations, taxonomy of marine microorganisms and their ecology, microbiology of the macroorganisms and diseases of both marine vertebrates and invertebrates, microbiology of the deep sea environment.
LONDON -- The microbiology testing market is one of the most rapidly evolving segments of the IVD industry globally.
5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This market research report on the global microbiology culture market analyzes the current and future prospects of the market in terms of revenue (USD Million).
Transparency Market Research has published a new market report titled"Microbiology Culture Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2015 - 2023", the global microbiology culture market was valued at US$4.
A small survey, which we conducted on the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) ClinMicroNet and DivC listservs, indicates that laboratories under the direction of specially trained and certified microbiologists are more likely to have initiated or joined a necessary discussion and planning venue for Ebola preparedness.
KARACHI -- A grand dinner for the Karachi University Microbiology Alumni will be held at the campus on December 28.
New interactive animations are available online, along with other learning resources and an additional section on environmental and applied microbiology.
Predicting the growth and behaviour of microorganisms in food more successfully has long been an aim in food microbiology research.
Topics covered include the physiology, genetics, biochemistry, and behavior of microorganisms that are either used to make foods or that represent safety or quality problems; the effects of preservatives, processes, and packaging systems on the microbiology of foods; methods for detection identification and enumeration of foodborne microorganisms or microbial toxins; microbiology of food fermentations; predictive microbiology; microbial ecology of foods; and microbiological aspects of food safety, food spoilage and quality.
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