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of or involving or caused by or being microbes


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Several exogenous (eg, diet, water source, disinfection protocols) and endogenous (eg, gastrointestinal pH, motility) factors may influence the microbial flora of psittacine birds in captivity.
2] nanoparticles can be observed in the studies of some scholars on teeth (oral) microbial flora and or dentistry equipments.
Molecular Testing: During testing of various environ-mental conditions, the diversity of the microbial flora present in the produce samples was also sampled using molecular methods, both initially and after the products had reached a spoilage endpoint.
The information regarding the intestinal microbial flora in fish is abundant, however there is little information in the field of crude oil impact on intestinal microflora and hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria in the intestinal tract of aquatic animals (Syvokiene, Mickeniene 2000, 2004; King et al.
Vaginal lactobacilli, microbial flora, and risk of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and sexually transmitted disease acquisition.
The Enterobacter bacterium is part of the naturally occurring microbial flora of the mosquito's gut and kills the parasite by producing reactive oxygen species (or free radical molecules).
Probiotics are used to influence the microbial flora in the gut and are usually defined as live microbial feed supplements that have a beneficial effect on the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance.
Needless to say, the intestine possesses an even richer microbial flora.
The authors conclude that despite their associations with multiple microbial flora, home characteristics only partially explain the variability in microbial biomarker levels and cannot substitute for specific microbial measurements in studies designed to distinguish the effects of specific classes of microbes.
The book begins with an introduction to the world of microbiology and biofilmology, an overview of human skin and microbial flora, and an introduction to wounds and burn wound management.
Bacterial vaginosis (BV), a clinical entity characterized by a change in vaginal ecology where the normal flora of lactobacillus morphotypes is replaced by a mixed microbial flora consisting of anaerobes and Gardneralla vaginalis, is considered to be the most common form of vaginal infection among women of reproductive age (1).
The current study is the first to investigate the microbial flora of public telephone mouth pieces during the summer at a large urban U.
Relevant environmental conditions include food formulation, native microbial flora, inoculum level, bacterial history and the effects of food process operations.
Thus, a major goal of nonsurgical periodontal therapy is to suppress, to the extent possible, the subgingival pathogenic microbial flora and thereby significantly reduce or eliminate the associated inflammatory lesion.
For a few decades now, our knowledge of the colonic physiology and, in particular, of the colonic microbial flora and its physiological functions has progressed considerably.
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