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of or involving or caused by or being microbes


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The present study tested the following hypotheses: (i) land use change alters the concentration of soil microbial biomass carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) at different soil depths; (ii) seasonal variations in the concentration of soil microbial biomass C and N are regulated by climatic factors and land-use types; (iii) shifting of microbial community structure in terms of microbial biomass C/N ratio occurs with the land-use change and soil depth; and (iv) restoration of degraded lands can be achieved through plantation of Jatropha curcas.
Ethnic and racial background, body weight, and geographic location can affect the variety of microbial genes in any one person.
Dow Microbial Control offers leading expertise and a complete portfolio of microbial control products to help solve all kinds of microbial problems including plant hygiene, in-can preservation, dry-film protection and antimicrobial coating, etc and meets the evolving regulatory needs of our customers.
The Non-Linear Kinetics of Microbial lnactivation & Growth in Foods.
Microbial desalination could offer big advantages over the methods currently used to purify seawater, which require enormous pressure to operate, and gobble up huge amounts of energy.
Their participation reflected a true commitment to the partnership between public health and animal health needed to meet the ever-growing microbial challenges threatening human, animal, and environmental health on a seemingly continual basis.
The Penn State study also found low overall microbial populations in the synthetic turf systems.
Scientists have suspected that microbial species change each other's digestive roles, and researchers are now beginning to work out these complex interactions.
The original microbial identification kits were based on redox reactions that produce a color change in microwells; that is, when cells utilize carbon for energy, they turn a colorless dye purple.
The objective of this study was to determine the microbial contamination of selected Feverfew products and fresh plant material.
According to Janet Woodward, technical specialist-microbiology, Buckman Laboratories, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, there will always be a microbial population in a wet end because paper mills do not run under sterile conditions.
Zoob, for his part, focused on microbial growth associated with poorly maintained building systems.
Waste and clothes disposal are among the worst problems astronauts encounter in space," says Vyacheslav Ilyin, a microbial ecologist (expert on tiny organisms called microbes) with the State Research Center in Moscow, Russia.
The rate of mineralisation of soil organic matter within the soil profile is dependent on the distribution of organic substrates and the activity of the microbial biomass.
According to CDC estimates, between 900 and 1,000 people a year die and an added 1 million people become sick from microbial illnesses from drinking water.