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of or involving or caused by or being microbes


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Requiring just a droplet of water in fuel to thrive, microbial growth can cause severe disruption and $ millions in lost revenue.
An emergency diesel generator in a hospital that does not start, a blocked fuel system in an airplane, or a 50,000 gallon tank that has corroded and leaked out into the ground are all potential consequences of unchecked microbial growth.
The ratio of MBC/SOC enhanced with biogas residue however, the contrasting effect for dehydrogenase enzyme activity per microbial biomass was observed.
Soil microbial biomass and soil enzymes are known as an important factor of soil quality and nutrient cycling processes (Rezaei et al.
2012) reported the production of industrially important end-products by converting hazardous industrial effluent with microbial cell factories.
Microbial contamination can have consequences that include significant changes in a CH&I product's properties, including viscosity shift, pH drift, color change, foul odor and destruction of the product's performance.
3) Given that this microbial community varies from one individual to another, we can assume that the microbial community is able to, or will at some point be able to, be individualized.
The escalating incidences of infectious diseases and the rising number of application usage is driving growth of the global microbial product technology market.
Ohmic resistance and mass transfer losses could be decreased using membrane-lessconfiguration that in fact makes it cost effective because membrane is the primary cost of plant microbial fuel cell.
The new system, based on the ambr 15 micro bioreactor technology, has been designed to meet the requirements of microbial fermentation.
The present study tested the following hypotheses: (i) land use change alters the concentration of soil microbial biomass carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) at different soil depths; (ii) seasonal variations in the concentration of soil microbial biomass C and N are regulated by climatic factors and land-use types; (iii) shifting of microbial community structure in terms of microbial biomass C/N ratio occurs with the land-use change and soil depth; and (iv) restoration of degraded lands can be achieved through plantation of Jatropha curcas.
Two strategies are usually considered for the optimization of microbial bioprocesses.
Keywords: Microbial Fuel cell, Design, Fabrication, Microorganisms, organic matter
of Brighton, UK) and Hirsch, a researcher in microbial ecology in the UK, bring together viewpoints and knowledge on microbial ecological theory in six essays contributed by scientists working in ecology and microbiology in the US, Europe, China, and Brazil.
Soil microbial biomass under different tillage and levels of applied pig slurry