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The 800-or-so species that use sonar are called microbats.
Rayner of the University of Bristol in England suggests that a flying microbat saves energy by pumping out each ultrasonic pulse "on the back of" a wingbeat and a simultaneous exhalation of breath from the lungs.
The company subsequently demonstrated its Microbat ornithopter weighing less than 15 gram, and in August 2003 achieved a duration of 107 minutes with its Wasp drone powered by a lithiumion battery.
Demonstrating more recent progress, in August 2002 the 14-gram flapping-wing AeroVironment MicroBat achieved a record-breaking flight of 23 minutes.
It takes the reader on the rounds of Australia, including major cities, the islands, describes food, flight and foraging using their stereo noses, and habitats, and discusses megabats and microbats.
7 in most mammals and SCN9A in humans--than most other mammals, except for caved-welling microbats, which also live in chemically challenging environments.
They do not possess echolocation, a feature which helps the other sub-order of bats, the Microbats, locate and catch prey such as insects in mid-air.