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the absolute unit of pressure equal to one dyne per square centimeter

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But funnily enough, I remember going to the Microbar once and, while it wasn't unique in beginning to bring in interesting beers and sell them as premium products, it was certainly something unusual, with a huge bottle selection of beers of which I'd never heard.
The Microbar follows some similar features and setup, and with the smart card, the possibilities, options and even terminology--witt the 12-language software--are endless.
Microbar Incorporated, a leading independent supplier of high-purity chemical management solutions, announced the completion of the acquisition of the assets of Syncro Vac, Incorporated.
From selfserve drinking spot Thirsty Souls to microbar Dr.
1 microbar, about 1/100 that of Pluto's atmosphere and less than one-millionth that of Earth.
It's exciting to see that within five years, the size and weight of a Philips UHP system has been reduced with a factor 10 by introducing the UHP BackMirror lamp technology and the UHP Microbar driver for the first time in the InFocus LP120," said Garrett A.
inks, Regency West Mall on Prince Regent Street The microbar, which was once a tattoo studio, serves a wide range of cocktails, over 100 spirits, and beers.
Prior to joining Mattson, MacKnight spent three and a half years at Microbar, Inc.
If the fading is more gradual, that would be a telltale sign that Titania has an atmosphere --even one as tenuous as 1 microbar at the satellite's surface.
It can operate up to 50 feet from its MicroBar 9745 RF Base Station.
Linehan and Professor West bring a wealth of chemical and technical expertise to the Microbar TAB," said Dr.
With that in mind, ACM signed agreements with three strategic partners: Synetics Solutions, Advanced Micropolish and Microbar.
Tenders are invited for Suction Pressure Gauge Lp 0 - 10 Microbar As Per Part No Sr-075-1052 Of M/S Sidwal Or Equivalent And Conf.