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balance for weighing very small objects

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Direct monitoring kinetic studies of DNA polymerase reactions on a DNA-immobilized quartz-crystal microbalance.
2006) Isolated electrodeless high frequency quartz crystal microbalance for immunosensors.
The gas sorption measurement was made using a microbalance (Cahn model D202 microbalance) to determine the amount of gas absorbed.
The water quality monitoring technology developed at Hitachi's Yokohama Research Laboratory measures the very small amount of substances in seawater that cause RO membrane fouling using the quartz crystal microbalance method (QCM method).
Using quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D), the team measured the quantity of AMPs that successfully attached to the surfaces in the horizontal and vertical orientations and the density of the AMP layers, along with other properties.
Polyamide 6 composite nano-fiber/net functionalized by polyethyleneimine on quartz crystal microbalance for highly sensitive formaldehyde sensors.
They are critical sound propagation in magnets; magnetism in pure and doped manganese clusters; resonant ultrasound spectroscopy close to its applicability; hybrid integrated external cavity lasers based on silica planar waveguide grating; motivation and first results for quantum theory on a Galois field; black hole entropy from entanglement; interpolating gauges, parameter differentiability, W-T identities, and the epsilon-term; and exploitation of a simple integrated heater for advanced quartz crystal microbalance sensors.
To weigh the filters a microbalance accurate to 5 decimal places was used.
Quartz crystal microbalance and dissipation monitoring was used to confirm the buildup of the different layers.
01 mg with a microbalance and freeze-dried, and dry mass (DM) was weighed to the nearest 0.
Designed for researchers and professionals, the text covers the development history and basic concept and knowledge of cell-based biosensors; cell culture on chips; the mechanism and models of cell-based biosensors; the microelectrode array as a cell-based biosensor designed for transferring and recording cellular action potential; the cell-based field-effect transistor sensor fabricated by semiconductor technology; proposal of a light addressable potentiometric sensor; the electric cell substrate impedance sensing; the patch clamp chip; other cell-based biosensors, such as quartz crystal microbalance, surface plasmon resonance, and immune cell-based biosensors; and developing trends.
An in situ electrochemical Quartz crystal microbalance study of a dissolution process of a gold electrode in perchloric acid solution containing chloride ion.
In the analytical/failure analysis lab, STI has added a RADWAG MXA-5 microbalance, and has almost doubled the size of its Class 1000 cleanroom, which now includes conformal coating capabilities.
Lenders that originate loans with $25-million-dollar-plus balances have different requirements (low volume and high flexibility, because loans are fairly unique) than lenders that originate small or microbalance loans.
The DVS Intrinsic from Surface Measurement Systems rapidly measures uptake and loss of moisture in the sample by a controlled flowing carrier gas at a specified RH (relative humidity) over a sample suspended from the weighing mechanism of SMS's digital microbalance, SMS UltraBalance.