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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Irish descent

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I have spoken to many youngsters who have been subjected to mickey-taking or abuse because of their ethnic background.
Crouchy, save the mickey-taking for those post-World Cup Pizza Hut adverts.
LIKE most Sunderland fans, I've done my share of mickey-taking about Newcastle going down, but now that the dust has settled, all thoughts are on the season ahead.
He added: "We'd like to invite any former Little Heath player or official to our evening of nostalgia, memories, friendship, mickey-taking and inevitable banter at the Marconi Sports and Social Club in Allard Way on Saturday, June 13.
The BBC are keeping tight-lipped about the identities of the team captains and guest panellists but, whoever they are, they'll need a sense of humour to survive Vic and Bob's relentless mickey-taking.
He said: "Everyone's been very nice but there has been a lot of mickey-taking.
The poll, conducted by business information firm Leaders in London, also found that many people believed a healthy amount of mickey-taking was good for the working atmosphere.
We can't wait to see the latest crop of contestants start bickering under the Australian sun - and after Ant and Dec's merciless mickey-taking.
He said: "People at the other end of the stick are a tiny vocal minority who are denying what satire, parody, mickey-taking, comedy, irony, actually are.
Last season he stripped down to his football boots to pose with the trophy and last week he posted a YouTube clip of his mickey-taking pre-match interview with team-mate David Cowan.
The daftness of Helen Flanagan, the mickey-taking MP Nadine Dorries or how Colin Baker is so unrecognisable from his Dr Who youthfulness?
Since when has journalism sunk so low it reverts to disgusting mickey-taking of a whole organisation because it disapproves of one person and then has the bare face to put it in a newspaper and expect people to swallow this tosh as a serious article?
IT had all the signs of being a scintillating satire - including a situation ripe for mickey-taking and a fine cast, including Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes, Amelia Bullmore and Olivia Colman.
But spare a thought for the Villa fans who had to put up with a week full of mickey-taking and references to the numbers 'seven' and 'one'.
Cue more hilarious mickey-taking of the week's top shows and all the usual favourites like the knitted character whose habit of popping up on various other TV shows is legendary.