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any of various minerals consisting of hydrous silicates of aluminum or potassium etc. that crystallize in forms that allow perfect cleavage into very thin leaves

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Nikravesh, B, Ramezanzadeh, B, Sarabi, AA, Kasirih, SM, "Evaluation of the Corrosion Resistance of an EpoxyPolyamide Coating Containing Different Ratios of Micaceous Iron Oxide/Al Pigments.
The keratotic scales is usually micaceous and resembles psoriasis (1).
Dolomites are dirty white, light green, hard, micaceous, sandy and glauconitic towards the base.
A negative relationship between the 'b' constant (as an index of K release rate) and soluble and exchangeable K reflects the equilibration among different forms of K in soils, and indicates that in soils with low concentrations of soluble and exchangeable K (such as K-depleted soils), K release rate from micaceous minerals may be considerable.
The sedimentary deposits in the area of the quarry essentially comprehend levels of massive fine sandstones, sometimes micaceous with parallel lamination, and with abundant carbonized vegetal remains.
Of Rougeulle's three micaceous types of wares found here, two are probably part of the RPW Indian tradition, and the only local ware which is typical of the larger Indian Ocean corpus includes micaceous (basement complex grit) punctuate with some red painted decoration (KR 2, 654 and plt.
The sandstones, when deposited, were sub-greywackes (Sutherland Brown 1957) but have been metamorphosed into micaceous quartzites.
Micaceous minerals or micas are one of the most frequent components of the earth's crust.
Even so, most of the three-dimensional pieces come off well, such as the dynamic undulations of lava in Christine Noffchissey McHorse's Vesuvius, a micaceous clay vessel, and the sheen and fur texture of Michael Naranjo's bronze figure The Deer Hunter.
This bed is both underlain and overlain by fine quartz sandstone, interbedded with micaceous siltstone beds, some of which preserve a well-developed Cruziana ichnofacies association.
WELL ELECTROFACIES CQP-01-RS CQP-02-RS CQP-03-RS A1 micaceous micaceous sandstones with sandstones with pebbles and pebbles and carbonate cement carbonate cement A2 sandstone and metaconglomerates with volcanic pebbles.
The toxic red lead pigment may be replaced in long linseed-oil alkyd primer paints by non-toxic pigments, such as a mixture of micaceous iron oxides (MIO) and black iron oxides or zinc phosphate, without affecting the anticorrosive properties of the paint system.
The Interactive line also includes chiaroscuro colors, mixing greys, and micaceous colors for artists who seek convenience from their paint.
The pottery includes Greek black glaze, coarse wares, unfired Corinthian, a micaceous water jug fragment, and an Early Roman lekane rim fragment.
Once the micaceous iron oxide-aluminum coating was applied to roof and "knuckle" areas of this tank, however, surface temperatures dropped by an average of 20[degrees] F.