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any of various minerals consisting of hydrous silicates of aluminum or potassium etc. that crystallize in forms that allow perfect cleavage into very thin leaves

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There's a choice of four exterior colours - Brilliant Black, Copper Red Mica, Meteor Grey Mica and Stormy Blue Mica - plus Venture Edition badges.
FPM Admission test is a two-day process organised at MICA campus comprising of written test, group discussion, individual presentation and personal interview.
Mica, of Consett, County Durham, was only 15 when she first took up the daredevil sport, frightening her parents as she hurtled down dry training tracks at speeds of up to 140kph.
11-13) Generally speaking, the substrate-based pearlescent pigments are synthesized by coating transparent mica flakes with high refractive index materials such as metal oxides.
Galaxy said a sea container of mica in bulk bags was exported from the Port of Fremantle and was en route to the customer's plant.
Mica told the assembled group, "Credit unions are in a unique position given the current environment regarding major financial institutions.
Mica said he would be doing some work for CUNA and some credit unions, which he declined to identify.
Electrical and thermal properties of micas Properties Muscovite Phlogopite Units Calcining 700-800 900-1000 [degrees]C temperature Permittivity 6-7 5-6 -- [[epsilon].
Mica Paris Mica launched into 2010 in the best possible way with her new single Born Again, and has been playing a number of intimate shows to get her vocal chords warmed up for this summer's festival season.
Mica herself is the perfect advert for natural, ethical products and puts her youthful appearance down to daily brewer's yeast and wholesome food.
Mica specialises in tumbling, which involves performing a complex sequence of gymnastic moves on the floor.
REVIEW Mica Paris THE JAM HOUSE THEY say you never forget your first love and a smiling Mica Paris seemed ecstatic to be back in the embrace of music as her powerful soul sounds reverberated around the Jam House.
Her next album will feature collaborations with more established artists, and I hear she has already asked singer MICA PARIS to get involved.
The MICA antigen is found on endothelial cells lining the inside of blood vessels.