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Synonyms for miasmic

of noxious stench from atmospheric pollution

filled with vapor

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Thus, Harlem Duet provides a microcosm of a larger narrative of black American history that runs alongside the miasmic temporalities of Sears's plot.
In doing so, the swamp calls its human interlopers back to their conditions as embodied subjects, flesh-and-blood entities which, like the trees that appear "dragging their sluggish umbilical cords from out the old miasmic womb of a nothingness latent and dreadful," spring from material origins to which they remain bound in intimate and concrete ways (MOS 169).
Because the miasmic mixture of fog from the fens and of coal smoke and foul odors from the town was believed to cause plague, people regarded Cambridge as particularly dangerous.
imbroglio, Pak-India miasmic politics, Pak-US `play' of `second fiddling', even in `fiddle-faddle' matters has political nuances of its own.
A miasmic dust cloud settled over a husband on a boating outing, and afterwards he began to shrink, eventually residing in his child's dollhouse with a giant woman, his wife, looming.
Commenting on the numerous dreams in which Junger sees Hitler--under the nickname of Kniebolo--Mitchell writes: "From such remarks one may surmise that Junger's conception of the Nazi leader was both complex and miasmic, a rickety emotional structure of disdain and admiration" (43).
He's running away from a shapeless miasmic terror by replacing incoherent memories with these fiction scenes.
9) "Dirty" jokes about the vulva are miasmic, seeping into our collective pores and contaminating our genital integrity.
It took decades and a convergence of ideas (scientific discoveries, a shift in political thinking toward Republican positivism, increased secularization, France's mission to "civilize" the peasantry and colonies) to discredit persistent folk etiologies of miasmic contagion (the spread of disease via odors), in favor of germ theory and sanitation reform (Barnes, 2006).
They all include a mysterious intangible ghost goal from miasmic midfielder Leadbitter.
clinging This was a miasmic wilderness of absence I was floating in
Wood reads it as a moral liberation-the gun fired into the open air cuts through the miasmic deceit and violence of the atmosphere, and we identify with Rupert's attempts to restore justice.
Instead of humanity eventually succumbing to bad air, Schele De Vere argues that wind, the tides, and a consequent natural repurposing of nutriment-rich "grave sites" actually prevent miasmic mass death.
However, this revolution in bacteriology did not immediately lead to a dismissal of miasmic theories.
He experiences the murky miasmic atmosphere and falls in conversation with one, the weaver, who is quite hostile in his response.