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first or lowest balcony

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intermediate floor just above the ground floor

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The acquisition of Mezzanine International follows the MiTek acquisition of Cubic Designs, Inc.
In the real estate context, mezzanine loans are often in the form of a subordinated note and a pledge of the borrower's equity interest in its property-owning subsidiary as collateral, subject to the senior lender's fee mortgage on the underlying property.
So that you can stand up comfortably in both the mezzanine and the space underneath it, the room should have a ceiling height of around 4.
In the real estate industry, mezzanine financing, for example, "refers to a loan secured principally by the borrower's equity in other entities.
However, even these rates don't match the cost of certain types of equity, or some mezzanine lending.
Installing a mezzanine floor has been the perfect answer for many retailers, providing substantially more space at minimal cost.
In making mezzanine investments, VSS Mezzanine Partners LLP strives to partner with proven owners and managers through the financing of acquisitions, management buyouts, going-private transactions, growth equity investments, and recapitalizations.
In such cases, few customers will mind paying an incremental cost to have the technology built into every system they buy, rather than use an expansion slot or buy a mezzanine card.
The Mezzanine Floor Company has maintained its close 10-year link with Permar, a Spanish storing equipment company, by providing a mezzanine in the newly built 40,000[m.
46,000,000 floating-rate class B-1 mezzanine notes affirm at 'AA';
With a mezzanine level (an internal balcony overlooking the space below), you can add a room more easily and - usually - for less money than converting your loft or cellar or building an extension.
This article will discuss recent developments in the form of title insurance available to mezzanine loan lenders for New York transactions.
When workspace is tight, a mezzanine can raise your facility's capacity and productivity to a new level.