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religious texts from Deuteronomy inscribed on parchment and rolled up in a case that is attached to the doorframe of many Jewish households in accordance with Jewish law

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Conforme al dilema entre la mezuza y el tapu en la familia, Ombre retrata una relacion compleja entre hija y madre creando asi un efecto de deja-vu, de familiaridad en los lectores que lo identifican inmediatamente como una situacion observada con frecuencia en su propio medio ambiente.
Al leer este cuaderno despues de su muerte, Hannah se entera de que su depresion acerca de la analogia entre mezuza y tapu se deduce del problema de los sefardies con los esclavos y "libres" en Paramaribo en el siglo KV
During today's ceremony, rabbis from the Reform, Conservative and Orthodox traditions of Judaism will bless the mezuzas.
Whenever she acquired a new mezuza, she invited friends to dinner to join in a celebration of the event.
A mezuza at the entryway would have helped--but the spot on the doorpost where it might have been placed was empty of marks.
Kunitz to the Stockmals for gifts they sent him over the years of their friendship - for the perfectly preserved parchment blessing from inside a mezuza Mr.
Less than an hour later, someone threw another firebomb at the home of a Jewish family and ripped a sacred mezuza from the door frame.
Dencik attempts to distinguish between practicing Judaism through celebrating Shabbes, keeping kosher, and having a mezuza on your door, and religious beliefs; he argues that one can be a practitioner without being a believer, and that Jewishness is more than mere religion, but shared social, historical, cultural, and ethic traditions and values developed through thousands of years of Diaspora existence.
Another step Jews can take, he said, is to place a traditional mezuza on their doors.
Hunting for a place to raise a family in Thousand Oaks, Debbie Leshon would survey the neighborhoods, looking for one tiny detail - a mezuza, the sign of a Jewish home, on the door.