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the dried bark of the shrub mezereon

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Try daphne mezereum, left, or Christmas box (Sarcococca), above
mezereum 'Alba') and there are also evergreen types including D.
Our two native ones are D laureola and D mezereum, which has deep pink flowers that are crowded along the twigs and branches like barnacles.
Specifically, species of section Mezereum lacked a torus (Dute et al.
More than 70 species of shrubs live in the park, among them mezereum (Daphne mezereum), and the rest are short scrubs, climbers, and herbaceous plants.
A FIRSTLY, regarding your daughter who has no saliva in her mouth, I would suggest she uses the homeopathic preparation Mezereum at a dose of 15 drops, twice a day.
Daphne mezereum alba is a deciduous shrub which has very fragrant bare wood in February, followed by yellow berries.
The ultra-hardy, deciduous Daphne mezereum is a very good choice and is widely available.
mezereum which is a small deciduous shrub with deep purple flowers followed by red berries.
Mezereum is deciduous and between February and March is covered in garish purple-red flowers, but be warned - the red fruits are poisonous.
Floral fragrance chemistry in the early flowering shrub Daphne mezereum.
cneorum, mezereum, odora and bhuloma - all of which have incredibly scented flowers.
It is probably the most widely grown of all daphnes, along with Daphne mezereum, which flowers on bare wood.
Good choices include camellias, clematis armandii, forsythia, flowering currants, the Kilmarnock willow and Daphne mezereum.