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Metrification would eliminate such costly mistakes, and space travel would become affordable.
Much seems to derive from this: not just metrification, but also the attempted use of classical proportion as a kind of standard for human beings, one that could be the standard of perfection, but also the standard in the sense of neutral average in statistics.
Fraser, an employee of Revenue Canada, was highly critical of the government's decision to introduce metrification.
Those calling for changes today have suggested full metrification should be in place in time for the Olympic Games in London in 2012.
Decimalization of the currency, metrification of weights and measures, the redefinition of counties, devolution for Scotland and Wales, may seem part of the usual run of bureaucratic decisions, but adjustments to the national character and behavior necessarily follow.
Note that, unlike Whycocomagh N-90, Wenonah J-75 was drilled prior to metrification, and depths on all samples and slides stored both at CNSOPB and at Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) were recorded in feet.
The variables in between are myriad--context, creative, category, and product/service specific--and will have all kinds of new metrification.
Mainland motorists have spent the last 10 days getting to grips with the metrification of road signs.
Metrification of the Littorals: The concept of littoral warfare continues to be studied and the expectation for a minimal amount of situational awareness accepted.
Metrification will facilitate international communication and public understanding.
If we really must be a part of Europe, then surely it's about time we have the same language of metrification as standard.
Another headache facing Gardai with Northern Irelanddrivers is the metrification of speeding signs next year on Irish roads.
5 h talk on the status of metrification before the South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers.
the West, metrification, the Senate, too much government, the civil service and Quebec, and a Western political party.
general metrological issues) raises again the problems that authors such as Marcuse or Ellul have expounded, but not rendered researchable: the cultural significance of ongoing and seemingly progressive metrification.