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Setting effective CX metrics takes more than just defining measurements.
The report found that CIOs recognize and understand the value of metrics.
Finally, there are metrics that are simply manufactured.
DLA has assigned a supplier relationship manager for each SSA to oversee the operational and strategic progress of the partnership, including monitoring performance and metrics, and to continually develop strategies to expand the relationship by adding more items to existing long-term contracts and awarding new contracts to additional company divisions.
Measurable: Some metrics are not easily measurable, which may be due to the lack of accurate or timely information, or can arise from disagreements about how to measure it.
Production of lower quality paper and board--typically at mills with capacities less than 50,000 metric tons/yr--is dropping each year but still remains a significant market in China.
SLAs utilize quality metrics and threshold levels to assign quantitative measurements to the quality attributes.
This paper adapts latent semantic analysis (LSA) as an automated, statistically reliable metric for comparing desired outcomes or objectives across educational programs.
Epidemiology can provide aggregate metrics -- metrics that start with the health status of an individual and are aggregated.
and he lured a Michigan State University drama professor out of semiretirement to restage a play, Metrics Can Be Fun, that the professor had written in the 1970s.
The metrics would naturally focus on our critical success factors of productivity, customer service and financial control, and we also planned to use these measurements to monitor our key business activities and the service levels the center was providing.
Demand of dry natural rubber will increase to 932,000 metric tons in 1995, compared to the 929,000 metrics tons posted in 1994.
This collection of metrics affirms that while the "silo" model for disease management still exists, a more integrated approach to population health is taking shape, of which disease management for individuals with chronic illness is a critical layer.
This is greatly so because the principal metrics classically established, in order of importance, consist of (1) contract dollars procured, (2) number of contract awards, and (3) procurement administrative lead time (PALl), which is the total time it takes to award a contract--the quicker the better.