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the act of changing from imperial units of measurement to metric units: meters, grams, seconds

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Nevertheless, the metric system has increasingly been integrated by state agencies, while the government has encouraged but not required metrication in the private sector.
THE process of metrication - abandoning Britain's old system of imperial weights and measures in favour of metric units - began in the 1970s but it still isn't over.
Finally, there are mechanical engineering aspects to the topic of metrication that remained under discussion.
They hate Amy Winehouse, satire, trade unions, Europe, speed humps, modern art, corduroy jackets, cyclists, women priests, the 1960s, metrication and all forms of counselling or therapy.
Within minutes, we've moved on to Harrison's chronometers, Cassini's survey of France, Newton's theory of gravitation and Napoleon's metrication of the world.
International Metrication Distributing Company (formerly Novelty Discount Stores)
Other chapter topics include metrication, materials, design, flexibility design, pipe support, listed and unlisted components, fabrication, and special considerations for pipelines and other pipe systems.
to conform with international standards for trade, included new encouragement for US industrial metrication in the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988.
The CMS program is structured to help maintain professional standards in the field of metrication.
I predict that in 1974 alcoholic beverages will move into the age of metrication.
Is a theory of mind needed in order to determine if mind can be measured, and if so, how metrication can take place?
Many of us middle-aged types may have problems adapting for a while, but, like it or not, metrication will come into force sooner or later.
The pound was originally divided into 7,000 grains, which is the product of a prime number (making it divisibly difficult), and a thousand, which indicates a metrication attempt.
It was just as metrication came into New Zealand and all stores were forced by law to change from scales recording the weight of goods in pounds to those that used the metric system.
But his son, who had good knowledge of his father's profession, was not likely to have missed the significance of the argument about metrication and the standardization of weights and measures in England that would have had relevance to his father's lifelong employment with fine wines.