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Synonyms for metrical

marked by a regular rhythm

Synonyms for metrical

based on the meter as a standard of measurement


the rhythmic arrangement of syllables

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Examples from openings, however, cannot be decisive, because openings are not metrically regular enough to produce conclusive evidence and because any lengthening will automatically yield a better structure.
The "deep" will indeed come back at the close: grammatically transformed, metrically promoted, and relocated to the literal and figurative ocean of Tennyson's grief.
In languages like German and Russian, where a great number of verse translations are available, the translator faces the task of providing metrically identical or equivalent (equimetrical) translations.
METHODS: Plasma non-enzymatic antioxidants; beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C were analyzed spectrophoto metrically from 70 healthy female controls, 30 patients with benign breast diseases (BBD) and 125 untreated breast cancer patients (BCPT).
This rhythm is then aurally and metrically disrupted by the poet's personal pronoun "ego.
He has changed word order, since English is not an inflected language, omitted the particles, which often denote a tone of voice and so are difficult to translate, and removed many of the epithets, words or phrases that describe a character and in Greek are metrically bound to the name itself.
I would prefer interpreting caturvidham as a qualifying adjective to krtrimam, which is also metrically defensible (8+8 syllables).
Metrically, Corkett's Moses resonates on a number of levels: not only with "Mistress Mary quite contrary" but with "Tyger Tyger burning bright.
When Fallersleben prepared the melody as the German national anthem, he re-barred the music to begin on a downbeat with metrically weak cadences.
Unlike previous translators of Cavafy, not only do Mendelsohn's translations convey the mingling of archaic and modern Greek in the original, but they also restore the rhythm and visual format of Cavafy's metrically inventive "tango" poems, in which each line contains two fragmented half-lines of three beats divided by an expanse of white space.
Fivefootway is the metrically incorrect name of a Singapore-based blog www.
MOTORISTS are miles away from wanting speed and distances on the road to be measured metrically, it was revealed yesterday.
The final movement, "Nocturne," is less metrically challenging and relies on subtle tone and timbral changes in an impressionistic fashion to create a wonderful "misterioso" effect.
Although it is difficult if not impossible to metrically quantify EAP relationships that have been fostered with and within a client organization, it is possible to reconstruct visual and reader-accessible representations that can reveal the extent to which an EAP has connected with the organization.
This study also employs categorically measured dependent variables and metrically measured predictive variables.