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Synonyms for metrical

marked by a regular rhythm

Synonyms for metrical

based on the meter as a standard of measurement


the rhythmic arrangement of syllables

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Examples from openings, however, cannot be decisive, because openings are not metrically regular enough to produce conclusive evidence and because any lengthening will automatically yield a better structure.
In the third line, the prolonged, five-beat line, ending with two rhythmically promoted monosyllables in the cliched "to and fro," enacts metrically merely the desultory and pointless, unmeaning, protraction of words that is the fruitless conversation of the couple.
What differs among the three scenarios is their number of metrically significant simultaneous articulations, that is, simultaneities that coincide with mutual downbeats.
Many of Hutcheson's conclusions are important and convincing; for example, the chapter on resolution concludes that the presence or absence of resolution is metrically significant, and that prosodic and morphological analysis that lumps half-lines with resolved stress together with those with normal long stress.
was deemed metrically insufficient as an initial segment.
When I see the splendor of white walls metrically figured by works of Kelly, I think of Pissarro as well as Monet, who were both keenly aware of how a painting is presented.
Although they have different rhyme-schemes, they are metrically identical, both variants on the ballad stanza (also known in the context of hymn-writing as 'common measure').
Verse that is loosely constructed and often metrically irregular.
With the Tallis Scholars, who aren't quite as comfortable at altitudes (even though they sing a semitone lower), each voice part makes its own meter, realizing the complexity and richness of the mass's texture as a sum of metrically independent lines; alas, the recorded sound obscures some polyphonic detail (a result in itself perhaps "authentic," but not usefully so).
Employing a customer-centric strategic model since inception, the integration of metrically enabled communication platforms to both professional and consumer audiences has strengthened their clients' marketing plans and budgets.
Marlowe's Ovid may be endowed with a member that can't make love, but that predicament makes for an excellent, metrically alert, and pungently witty poetry.
1; a scorrevole second movement which, while metrically more grounded, is obliquely reminiscent of the allegro passages from Elliott Carter's First String Quarter; a Passacaglia, by turns sparse and eerie; and a brief Scherzo finale.
The NCAA Track and Field Rule Book states that record marks must be measured and recorded metrically but that imperial measurement (yards, feet, inches) is an accepted alternative, and when performances are measured metrically, it is recommended that they are recorded, displayed and announced metrically and imperially.
C'est moi, Prince, c'est moi' 2 + 4, with no accent on 'Prince', thus failing to register the metrically disruptive syntactical accent indicated by Racine's punctuation--see also 'Oui, Prince, je languis' 2 + 4, and 'Charmant, jeune, trainant tous les coeurs apres soi' 3 + 3 + 3 + 3, and 'cette tete charmante' 3 + 3 but 'Crois-moi, ce Monstre affreux 2 + 4, etc.
FORGET Shakespeare, Verdi and metrically impeccable Welsh poetry known as cynghanedd.