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(prosody) a group of 2 or 3 syllables forming the basic unit of poetic rhythm

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This syllable is most commonly inserted once in a line, and is located at the end of a metrical unit, typically in instances where the preceding word, or combination of words, constitutes four syllables or less.
Vocables as melodic carriers over whole metrical unit: In several instances, a vocable or set of vocables encompasses an entire metrical unit, either as the first half of a text line:
The basic rhythmic structure of this song is as follows (each metrical unit is a 3/4 bar, with each line composed of two 3/4 bars):
Matching of words to metrical units in David Minyimak's 314 songs: In the set of songs just discussed, there is also considerable regularity in matching of words to the 3/4 metrical unit, as outlined in Table 6.
This analysis has been based on an empiricist model that creates little or no room for broader generalizations about poetic values and methods: "The more thorough a description of a given poem's rhythmic and metrical units, its repetition of vowels and consonants, its pitch contours, the less we may be able to discern the larger contours of a poet's particular practice, much less a period style or cultural construct" (2).
Read Rates -- The rate at which the RFID reader records the data from individual RFID tags, and the metrical units.
New data capture methods, and data streams will be needed based on RFID tracking to offer a glimpse into the next level of new RFID metrics and metrical units described.
The logistics threads of DOD supply chains will produce a new set of metrics and a new view of metrical units.
In addition, it enhances the students' understanding of larger metrical units and phrasing, since the four-beat unit of jangdan ties two measures into one phrase, thus helping the student experience both the compound meter of 6/8 and larger duple meter groupings.
Seeger argues against the then-prevailing custom of determining measure size in a way "to show most clearly the symmetry and asymmetry of the metrical units or patterns" (p.
We will use the prosodic and metrical terms interchangeably, but the metrical units are to be understood as dependent on the phonological ones.
The main surface cue for catalexis is an odd number of metrical units on the surface, but this can only be achieved if distinctive violation of binarity constraints happens once per line.
Aeolic meters, such as the glyconic, typically are formed around a choriamb ( - U U - ), which may be preceded or followed (or both) by a variety of other metrical units to create a wide variety of metrical sequences.
Also, the different parts that make up an asynarteton, a verse made up of two or more metrical units that follow each other without a pause, but are separated by diaeresis, the demanded or recommended ending of a word between two metra or feet.
tetrameter In prosody, a line of four metrical units, either four metra (as in classical verse) or four feet (as in modern English verse).