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(prosody) a group of 2 or 3 syllables forming the basic unit of poetic rhythm

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1] The iamb is the basic metrical foot, and there is a strong medial caesura.
The extent to which the metrical foot and the musical bar coincide is debatable, as Rowena Fowler has shown in "Music and Metre: Browning's 'Pietro of Abano,'" Music and Letters 57(1976): 47-54.
We have shown that there are two simple surface-true generalizations about anapestic meter, namely that it is perfectly rhythmic at the moraic level, and that it respects binarity of the metrical foot.
antibacchius,plural antibacchiiA metrical foot of three syllables.
dactyl, Greek daktylos,literally, finger; from the fact that the syllables of the metrical foot are three in number like the joints of the finger
In classical prosody, the break in a line of verse that occurs when the completion of a metrical foot coincides with the end of a word.
In prosody, a metrical foot consisting of one short syllable (as in classical or quantitative verse) or one unstressed syllable (as in modern or accentual verse) followed by one long or stressed syllable, as in the word: be (U) | cause ( ' ).
In classical prosody, a metrical foot consisting of one long and three short syllables.
In classical prosody, syncope is a suppression or omission of a short syllable within a metrical foot or measure, usually with compensating protraction of an adjacent long.
In prosody, a metrical foot consisting of one long syllable followed by one short syllable in classical verse.