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Providing of cc cameras and bio metric systems to dharmika bhavan office of the commissioner endowments department, Telangana state, Hyderabad
Change measurements from the customary system to the metric system.
IDT Metric Systems, based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida is a world-renowned producer of sophisticated airborne instrumentation products for test and evaluation and training for both US and foreign military services.
customary and the metric systems, including basic geometric and non-geometric measures.
Under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), the FDA has proposed requiring food labels to list the net quantity of contents using both the inch-pound (avoirdupois) system and the metric system.
Soon, the federal government will use the metric system in almost all of its dealings - September 30, 1992, has been established as the date by which all federal agencies will be required to use metric systems in procurements, grants and other business-related activities.
A contract award under the Joint Threat Emitter (JTE) program is expected at the beginning of this month, at which point one of two industry hopefuls -- Northrop Grumman PRB (Hollywood, MD) and Metric Systems Corp.
Metric Systems is a diversified multi-faceted company specializing in the design, manufacture, and test of complex electronic and mechanical components and systems for commercial and defense related products.
Albuquerque; Battelle, Columbus, Ohio; Jackson & Tull, Albuquerque; Metric Systems Corporation, Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
A recent contract awarded to Cubic and its principal subcontractor IDT Metric Systems for the P5 Combat Training System (P5CTS) contract will increase the number of Air National Guard aircrews using advanced realistic training systems.
IDT Metric Systems is a major subcontractor, providing the airborne instrumentation to collect and process in-flight data for post mission debrief.
The "rangeless" training system will be provided by Cubic Defense Applications in partnership with Metric Systems Corp.
The upgraded pods, produced by Metric Systems, incorporate a tightly coupled GPS receiver/Inertial Measuring Unit package to provide extremely accurate tracking capabilities during the exercises.
Cubic, the prime contractor and systems integrator, is teamed with Metric Systems Corporation of Ft.
0 are stored internally in universal units, allowing the user to switch between imperial and metric systems at any point during project development.