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Synonyms for metre

the basic unit of length adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites (approximately 1

rhythm as given by division into parts of equal duration


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At the Masato target, Oromin plans to drill four holes as an initial test of a large open-ended geochemical anomaly currently measuring 500 metres by 1,500 meters in size.
Ouro Verde - A 80 metre wide zone extending approximately 600 metres along strike hosting 6 veins that contain 27 higher grade intersections at an average thickness of 1.
This prospect located 2 km east of Grengou is defined by a 2,000 metre surface geochemical gold anomaly (greater than 50ppb Au) that trends north-south.
Current exploration has greatly expanded the project resource area, with silver mineralization now defined over a strike length of 300 metres, and gold mineralization defined over a strike length of 1,000 metres.
This drilling will be in addition to the 14,000 metre (46,000 feet), three-rig drilling program currently underway.
The program will consist of approximately 11,000 metres of angled RAB holes to depths of 40-50 metres followed by 3,000 metres of core holes where further delineation is merited.
It is located at the southeastern end of the property, approximately 500 metres northwest of the Baba Gold Zone, and is open in all directions.
will remobilize its crews to the project site to resume the Phase II diamond drilling (12,000 metres remaining) of the Trinidad and Manganeso areas to expand the area to be included in the resource calculation as well as additional drilling of the Las Rosas areas.
The main Jaclyn vein system which has been documented to a depth of 190 metres over strike length of 375 metres was not tested during this program and remains open for follow up.
The discovery of this mineralization on the Gowest Block, which has been observed in several locations in the Gowest core and for which assay results are pending, infers an additional 900+ metre strike on the Block A M Zone structure for a total of over 3.
1 to more than 450 metres when measured from the top of the ridgeline on the north limb.
The mineralised trench is representative of an outcrop extending over an area of 165 metres by 75 metres consisting of advanced argillic to strongly silicified hydrothermal breccia in which there is minor alunite in vugs, fine disseminated pyrite, minor quartz veins, trace stibnite, locally in narrow, ptygmatic veins, as well as pervasive limonite in fractures and throughout many of the fragments.
Borehole WAN-05-06 which intersected three massive sulphides intercepts separated by non-mineralized diorite dykes, 35 metres above the intersection in borehole WAN-05-01 (2.
TSX:IVN)(NYSE:IVN)("Ivanhoe") announced today that ongoing step-out drilling has now extended high-grade copper mineralization 450 metres into the Copper Flats region of Entree's Lookout Hill property, in Mongolia's South Gobi region.