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the basic unit of money in Mozambique

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A surge in commodity exports and slowdown in imports have led to a significant reduction in the current account deficit net of foreign direct investment, and supported a 30% appreciation of the metical as of late October relative to the prior year.
The Horn of Africa continues to be the region with the least press freedom but there were disturbing reverses in the Great Lakes region and East Africa" and we can also see the list of journalists killed in the last years: Carlos Cardoso (22 November 2000, Maputo, Mozambique, Metical newspaper), Didace Namujimbo (21 November 2008, Democratic Republic of Congo, Radio OKAPI), Sheik Nur Mohamed Abkey (4 May 2009, Somalia, Radio Mogadixu), Jean-Leonard Rugambage (24 June 2009, Rwanda, Umuvugizi newspaper), Lucas Mebrouk Dolega (17 January.
dollar, metical, and kwacha--replaced the Zimbabwe dollar.
Thus a coin formerly worth 1,000 meticais was from then on worth only one metical.
The effects of the civil war meant that the start of self-rule in Mozambique was marked by a failure to embark on infrastructural as well as human development and the country found itself on the brink of total economic collapse: its currency, the metical, continued to severely depreciate in value.
75) If, on the contrary, wage savings of 1986 had been paid to the returnees in 1989 at the official USS/Mt exchange rate of that year, workers would have received a real gain, since the exchange devaluation of the Metical was higher than internal inflation.
Cardoso, who edited the independent business newsletter Metical, which he also founded, was murdered Nov.
Country Capital Language Currency Botswana Gaborone English, Setswana pula Lesotho Maseru English, Sesotho, Zulu, Xhosa loti Madagascar Antananarivo French, Malagasy franc Mozambique Maputo Portuguese metical Namibia Windhoek English, Afrikaans, German rand South Africa Pretoria Afrikaans, English rand Swaziland Mbabane English, Swati lilangeni Zambia Lusaka English kwacha Zimbabwe Harare English dollar Population Country (2001) (millions) State Comparison Botswana 1.
Subsequently, it was discovered that fake metical and rand notes were also circulating in the capital.
Inflation has risen sharply, to 21 per cent on a year-on-year basis in August, fueled by a roughly 40 per cent depreciation of the metical since the beginning of the year.
Inflation has risen sharply, reaching 21 percent on a year on year basis in August, fueled by a significant depreciation of the metical (about 40 percent since the start of the year).
S&P said that the freeze, combined with weak commodity prices, led to a significant weakening of the nominal Mozambican metical (MZN) exchange rate and a sizable decline of foreign exchange (FX) reserves-ultimately leading to forecasts of weak economic growth this year and next.
Standard Bank's chief economist in Mozambique, Fausio Mussa, says: "Continued inflows of foreign investment and increased exports point to the maintenance of a relatively stable exchange rate for the metical against the US dollar, which will keep inflation in single digits, between 5% and 6%.
Appreciation of the metical against the South African rand over the last 12 months will temper inflationary pressures to some extent given that South Africa is Mozambique's main source of imports.
dollar, South African rand, Botswana pula, Zambian kwacha, and Mozambican metical all became increasingly popular in Zimbabwe during 2008 (IRINnews 2009).