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the basic unit of money in Mozambique

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She went to her church and borrowed 11,000 meticais (40 cents) to pay for him to see the doctor at the local hospital.
In principle, the Bank of Mozambique disbursed this amount to the workers in Meticais, on their return, (33) through a payment order (cash payment or by a cheque issued by the Ministry of Labor of Mozambique) drawn up according to nominal lists, which were regularly transmitted to the Standing Representative of the Ministry of Labor, resident in the GDR.
12 billion meticais (around 26 million US dollars, at current exchange rate) and a variance was there (presumably due to theft) of 10.
Mozambique wants companies to exchange half of their export earnings for meticais.
Taking more than 500 meticais (approximately $17) out of the country is prohibited.
The government proposes that they should receive the national minimum wage of 70,600 meticais ($12) a month, plus food and accommodation.
Elias, for example, came to the police because he was desperate after having spent 1,200 meticais (US$40) in fees and had been imposed a set of fines since his wife, Ines, had been accused of bewitching his nephew.
The loans will be granted to the eligible companies in the local currency, meticais, or in euros, or in US dollars.