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a dark green dye used as a stain, an antiseptic, a chemical indicator, and an antidote in cyanide poisoning

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Requires serial methaemoglobin measurement to monitor response to therapy and to assess need for repeat methylene blue administration.
Literature about methylene blue presents contradictory reports about its limit of detection of DNA, with reports typically suggesting at least one tenth the sensitivity of ethidium bromide (see, for example, Madden 2006 and Brown 2000).
The drug, trade-named Rember, is a purified version of methylene blue, a dye that has a weak antibacterial effect.
To investigate the radical activity of the resultant polymer for decomposing surrounding harmful materials, degradation of methylene blue by the resultant polymer was observed, as shown in Fig.
The hydrophilicity, the degree of oxidizing power, and the transparency of the substrates were examined by determining the dependence of the contact angle of water, the decomposition rate of methylene blue, and the reflectance and the transmitance of visible light, on the duration of a TEOT hydrolysis.
Bioenvision says initial laboratory work at OMRF and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has shown methylene blue to be effective in vitro against WNV.
Methods: Ninety-six PTC patients were selected and randomly divided into a methylene blue group and a nano-carbon group (n=48).
M2 PHARMA-October 18, 2017-FDA Accepts Aries Pharmaceuticals' NDA for Methylene Blue MMX
I know methylene blue only from my days as medical student studying the pathology of vital organs.
Pregnant/lactating females, patients with previous breast surgery, patients with previous chemotherapy or radiotherapy, patients with multicentric or multifocal tumour, patients allergic to methylene blue dye or unwilling for the procedure were excluded from the study.
Adsorption capacity of methylene blue (dye) and 4-chlorophenol were determined as function of adsorbate initial concentration and adsorbent dosage.
Thus, this study aims at evaluating macadamia nut biomass as adsorbent for the methylene blue dye, considering that in the textile sector it is a widely used cationic dye.
9] studied the adsorption behavior of methylene blue by spent coffee grains, and indicated that experimental saturated adsorption amount and the adsorption equilibrium constant for methylene blue were 18.