methylated spirit

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ethyl alcohol denatured with methyl alcohol to prevent its use as an alcoholic beverage

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All that is needed is to clean the area with methylated spirit,'' Lawal said.
The excise department has agreed to arrange methylated spirit and ethanol for us," he revealed.
Wipe over with a cloth dampened in methylated spirits to remove any resins.
The supply and delivery of methylated spirits including the provision of a waste collection service for cellular pathology at hull and east yorkshire hospitals nhs trust.
It is believed a major blaze was sparked at the couple's Cleland Ave townhouse in Unley when Narayan jumped out of bed and knocked over the bottle of methylated spirit.
Liam Boller was celebrating his 12th birthday when a bowl of methylated spirit being used by a fire-throwing juggler exploded in the garden of his home.
Half an hour later we're back at the local hardware store explaining why we need methylated spirit.
Clean your knife when taking cuttings by wiping it with methylated spirit to prevent virus and other diseases being spread between plants.
IF you have mealybugs on indoor cacti, spray them with a weak solution of methylated spirit.
Step 1 - Clean all the glasses with the methylated spirit to make sure surfaces are clean and dust-free.
08 Purity: 95-97%, Colour: Clear, Methylated Spirit ( for burning),Filter Paper Packs of 100 Pc 185 mm diameter, Glass rods solid 20 inch long 10 mm diameter , Envelop (Small Brown), Electric Heater (1000 Watt ) with long Wire & plug, Digital Balance ( 0.
It's a lifestyle choice attested to by the methylated spirit drinkers of old, and cheap wine and cider drinkers of today.
1 First of all, carefully clean the glass with methylated spirit to remove any grease or dirt.
Prune damaged or diseased branches, wiping the saw blade with methylated spirit between cuts to prevent the spread of infection.
Never use old engine oil, methylated spirit or petrol to light the fire