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Synonyms for methodology

Synonyms for methodology

the branch of philosophy that analyzes the principles and procedures of inquiry in a particular discipline

the system of methods followed in a particular discipline

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In 1838, with the appointment of the great pedagogue and textbook methodologist Carlo Blasis, the school produced Carlotta Grisi and Fanny Cerrito, ballerinas who would soon contend for romantic stardom with Marie Taglioni and Fanny Elssler.
As Hirsch and de Marchi |1988, 1~ point out, ideas from the philosophy of science allow "the methodologist to show that from a philosophical point of view every eminent economist who has been foolish enough to say anything about economic methodology is terribly inconsistent if not downright silly .
He also has a reputation as an evangelist, specializing in SCRUM, eXtreme programming methodologies, is a certified SCRUM Master and Practitioner, as well as a recognised Test Methodologist.
Speakers at the forum, which will run from February 20 to 22 at the Gulf Hotel, include methodologist Paul Bridle, global thought leader and wealth strategist Manoj Sharma, corporate strategist Roger Konopasek and international business speaker Debbie Allen.
Hanson was hired as vice president and chief methodologist, and Whalen was hired as senior project director.
Conklin spent 10 years on the GfK Marketing Science team, from 1995 to 2005, and is returning after six years as Chief Methodologist at MarketTools, Inc.
Voters are harder to reach via traditional phone sampling methods, especially with stiffer FCC regulations," said Melanie Courtright, lead methodologist and executive vice president of client services for Research Now.
From the Methods team, Craig Radley has been promoted to Associate Methodologist.
of Pittsburgh), a philosopher of education and qualitative research methodologist who studies epistemology and ethics in relation to social justice projects in education, aims to help educators rethink their philosophies of education and professional ethics, arguing that both are equally important in today's high-stakes accountability context, which displace these key areas.
Our main finding, which comes in particular from one huge trial, is that one type of HRT - systemic conjugated equine estrogen (CEE) - may make urinary incontinence worse," said June Cody, a methodologist at the Cochrane Incontinence Review Group at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.
An INCOSE Fellow, innovator and chief methodologist in systems engineering, Jim Long held a variety of technical, management and executive positions with General Motors, TRW and TITAN Systems during his distinguished, 50-year career.
May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- AlphaImpactRx, a Symphony Technology Group company and a leader in providing primary research and analytics-based insight to biopharmaceutical and consumer health companies, announced today that Darrell Philpot has joined the Company as Senior Vice President, Analytics and Chief Methodologist.
He also has a reputation as an evangelist, specializing in SCRUM, eXtreme programming methodologies, is a recognised Test Methodologist as well as a certified SCRUM Master and Practitioner.
of Amsterdam and survey methodologist, Statistics Netherlands), Cobben (project manager, Statistics Netherlands), and Schouten (survey methodologist, Statistics Netherlands).
Jelke Bethlehem, PhD, is Senior Survey Methodologist in the Division of Methodology and Quality at Statistics Netherlands and Professor at the University of Amsterdam.
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