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Synonyms for methodology

Synonyms for methodology

the branch of philosophy that analyzes the principles and procedures of inquiry in a particular discipline

the system of methods followed in a particular discipline

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The main question becomes what methodologies and methods are best used for interaction and experience design?
They can be overcome by using the most up-to-date methodologies, paying close attention to the details and attaining the buy-in and support of senior management.
These measurements rely on customer responses in a telephone interview based on the benefit methodologies described below.
It behooves all those using technology assessments to understand the underlying methodologies and the contribution of expert opinion in the assessments.
It brings together proven sales methodologies (Portfolio Management, Account Planning, Opportunity Management, Individual Sales Effectiveness and Channel and Partner Management methodologies including the leading Target Account Selling[R] (TAS) solution) with the most advanced technology platform for sales
We're very pleased that The TAS Group has made Target Account Selling (TAS), one of the world's best known sales methodologies, available for salesforce.
The complexity of many sales methodologies make them difficult to use - so, in some cases, sales teams don't regularly use them.
There are many EDA tools available for high-level synthesis, but we have found that those that offer methodologies based on pure ANSI C++ provide the most advantages.
The TAS Group provides the most complete range of sales methodologies, the most extensive local and global delivery capability, and the most advanced tools and software solutions in the market.
Partnering with ARM, we continue to provide our mutual customers with industry-leading processors and proven design methodologies that accelerate the development of leading-edge SoC designs.
TSMC works hard to identify and qualify tools and methodologies that address emerging design challenges and help designers achieve silicon success," said Ed Wan, senior director of Design Service Marketing at TSMC.
SEATTLE -- The TAS Group to Offer Broadest Range of Proven Sales Methodologies, Most Advanced Software Solutions and Most Extensive Local and Global Delivery Capabilities
The engagement provides Infineon access to PDF Solutions' broad portfolio of yield and performance enhancement tools, methodologies, and expertise.
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