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Synonyms for methodize

to arrange in an orderly manner

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25] adds: "I might have brought into this Accompt some Examples of Plow's Lands, and Stock of Corn; but it would have swelled this Paper: An ingenious Person will from This know how to methodize That.
It is by means of such observations that it endeavours to arrange and methodize all its ideas, and to reduce them into proper classes and assortments.
Bilac's defect lay in the fact that he did not methodize his finding, did not extract all the consequences of it.
It is in satire of Bentley's attempts to methodize and systematize classical learning that he is ridiculed as .
and thus we can] methodize and dispose them into an order that should enable the imagination to pass as smoothly, and with as little embarrassment, along them, as along the most regular, familiar, and coherent appearances of nature.
His writings illustrate so many aspects of intellectual life in the second half of the seventeenth century that they must form part of any attempt to understand the broad Restoration desire to modernize, methodize, and refine the ways of thinking and the style of living in post-Commonwealth England.
Catalog companies sell every kind of handy-dandy device to help one systematize, methodize and categorize.