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a light volatile flammable poisonous liquid alcohol

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Production of methanol at Azerbaijan's methanol plant, the only plant of this kind in the South Caucasus and Central Asia, started in January 2014.
Saraswat also emphasized that Methanol would supplement various energy solutions being explored by the Government to reduce its dependence on crude oil imports.
2 Poisoning due to methanol is relatively uncommon in forensic practice,1 however methanol-related deaths have been reported in literature,3 and several epidemics have been seen.
In 2000, China represented just 12 per cent of global methanol demand, while North America and Western Europe represented 33 per cent and 22 per cent, respectively.
of methanol with base gasoline, and the fuel blends were assigned as M15, M30, M50 and M65.
On the basis of primary source, the global renewable methanol market can be segmented into biomass, industrial waste, municipal waste, and others; and on the basis of end-use application into formaldehyde, MTBE, gasoline, dimethyl ether, solvents, and others.
Susceptibility to methanol poisoning varies greatly.
Among the key topics to be discussed at the one-day forum are 'Global methanol markets overview' and 'Making a case for oxygenates in the GCC,' and 'Analysing current and future opportunities.
OCI Partners added that it currently sells methanol through its barge and pipeline to neighbouring customers in Beaumont, Texas.
Commercially-made spirits are very safe because manufacturers use technologies specifically designed to ensure methanol is separated from the ethanol.
AMPCO, based in Equatorial Guinea, is a leading methanol producer, and the new vessels are expected to serve on trades from Equatorial Guinea to various ports in Europe and the United States.
Presentation of methanol poisoning is often delayed by 12 to 72 hours, and is often confused with ethanol intoxication.
6 September 2010 - The price of the chemical raw material Methanol, has remained increased in Europe and in Asia in September 2010.
Methanol or methyl alcohol is an upstream petrochemical product derived from natural gas.