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a light volatile flammable poisonous liquid alcohol

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Production of methanol at Azerbaijan's methanol plant, the only plant of this kind in the South Caucasus and Central Asia, started in January 2014.
Saraswat also emphasized that Methanol would supplement various energy solutions being explored by the Government to reduce its dependence on crude oil imports.
2 Poisoning due to methanol is relatively uncommon in forensic practice,1 however methanol-related deaths have been reported in literature,3 and several epidemics have been seen.
In 2000, China represented just 12 per cent of global methanol demand, while North America and Western Europe represented 33 per cent and 22 per cent, respectively.
The new catalyst will allow methanol plant operators to make more from less by increasing efficiency, and will add valuable methanol production to existing plants whilst reducing the capital and operating costs of new plants.
tons) of methanol per year, most for export to North America.
The Methanol Institute noted that the ICAO DGP action would allow passengers to carry micro fuel cells in the cabin only -- and not stowed in checked baggage -- along with up to two spare fuel cartridges per person.
Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that there will be room for user-refillable cartridges in the market partly because manufacturers will be reluctant to encourage consumers to squirt flammable liquids around, but at the same time they'll be more than willing to charge the predominantly affluent users a highly inflated price for pre-packaged methanol.
After extraction with methanol, the paperbound blood spot remained red and the methanol extract was clear with a light green tint (Figure 2).
The American Methanol Institute (AMI) estimates that two million methanol fuel-cell vehicles could be on the highway by 2010, and some 35 million by 2020.
Students had been instructed to add a capful of methanol into the homemade cannon of apple juice cans, but instead had poured more straight from the one-gallon plastic bottle into the cannon, said Sgt.
The list now includes ASTM Fuel B, 30% toluene/70% iso-octane, representing a normal gasoline without additives; ASTM Fuel C, 50% toluene/50% iso-octane, representing a gasoline with high aromatic content; ASTM Fuel D, 40% toluene/60% iso-octane, representing a medium high aromatic content, used mainly in Europe; M 25, 75% ASTM Fuel C/25% methanol representing a "worst case" gasoline containing methanol as oxygenate; FAM fuel, 50% toluene/30% iso-octane/15% di-isobutylene/5% ethanol, a European test fuel representing an aggressive gasoline; and M 15, 85% FAM fuel/15% methanol, a European test fuel representing a "worst case" gasoline containing methanol as oxygenate.
The first delivery of methanol to Canada's first permanent retail methanol fuelling station marks an important milestone for the development of methanol as an alternative transportation fuel.
In combination, they may even contain methanol vapor, but double barriers would cost more than present plastic tanks and probably more than coated metal ones.
Methanol Industry Outlook in Argentina to 2016 - Market Size, Company Share, Price Trends, Capacity Forecasts of All Active and Planned Plants provides an in-depth coverage of Argentina Methanol industry.