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Synonyms for meteoritical

of or relating to or caused by meteorites


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The Meteoritical Society, 34th Annual Meeting, Tubingen, Germany.
A member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association and the Meteoritical Society, GREG REDFERN (gredfern@earthlink.
Meteoritical Services Box 440, Mendon, MA 01756; 508-478-4020, fax: 508-478-5104.
Matloff presented a paper on the results of the City Tech team's optical transmission experiments, "Optical Transmission of an Allende Meteorite Thin Section and Simulated Regolith," at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the international Meteoritical Society, held at the American Museum of Natural History and the Park Central Hotel in New York City.
Given the success of his two-edition Rocks from Space, several years ago Norton set out to craft an expanded treatment, a book that, in his words, "could act as a kind of meteoritical Rosetta Stone to help anyone with a keen interest in meteorites, collector or geologist, to follow the trail of [this] developing science.
For these reasons, the Siena event represents the most significant fall in modern times, Marvin asserted in September at the annual meeting of the Meteoritical Society in Washington, D.