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of or relating to or caused by meteorites


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Sarafian was lead author of the Science paper, with co-authors Nielsen, Marschall, Monteleone, and Francis McCubbin of the University of New Mexico Institute of Meteoritics.
Using a combination of trace-element analysis and FTIR and ultraviolet-visible-near infrared (UV-Vis-NIR) spectroscopy, the meteoritic origin of the various samples could be determined in some cases.
This crater is the result of a meteoritic impact about 220,000 years ago and is 1.
The impact caused fusion of basalt with meteoritic material.
In Situ Measurements of Organics, Meteoritic Material, Mercury, and Other Elements in Aerosols at 5 to 19 Kilometers, Science, 282(5394), 1664-1669, doi:10.
High concentrations of trace metals such as iridium, an element that indicates meteoritic bombardment, showed that this meteorite came from the elusive cratered area of Mars' southern highlands.
The surprising revelations that anorthosite, an igneous rock rare on earth, is one of the principal lunar rocks, that the moon is layered, that both meteoritic impact and volcanism formed the craters, that the moon contains a small liquid core of molten rock that magnetized surface stones brought back by the astronauts--all these and countless other discoveries about our closest neighbor in space would have remained unknown and hardly guessed at if man had not grabbed at his chance to leave the earth.
Meteoritic iron is much harder and more brittle than copper, the commonly-worked material of the time.
Sceptics argue that apart from meteoritic impact flashes, TLP are 'on the borderline between science and pseudo-science'.
The enhanced concentrations like 45 and 30 ppm may be the result of redistribution of the leached uranium by circulating and meteoritic waters.
ONCE dubbed the "Golden Banker" over his meteoritic rise, he carved out a successful career running Asda's George clothing range.
Its meteoritic rise in the last twenty years made it Aladdin's genie for many and, off-course, an irresponsible Frankenstein for a few.
The organization's meteoritic rise from a basement chat twenty years ago to become one of today's premier ethnic medical associations is a tribute to our past leaders, hardworking committees, and a constituency of 150 physicians, almost 30 dentists, and countless medical students living and practicing in Northeast Florida.
48) Distinct sounds of rushing, hissing, rustling, and crackling during meteoritic and auroral activity were consistently reported to western travellers by indigenous inhabitants of the circumpolar Arctic: indeed, the Sami people call the Aurora Borealis guovssahas--the light that can be heard--and it is associated with drumming in Sami folklore.
2010), "The Age of the Solar System Redefined by the Oldest pb-pb Age of a Meteoritic Inclusion," Nature Geoscience 3: 637-641.