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any bone of the foot between the ankle and the toes

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1) The lesion associated with the metatarsal pad on the right foot (grade V/VII) (the side with the previously mentioned digit amputation) persisted despite treatment and was consistently more severe than the left.
Advise patients with metatarsalgia to use metatarsal pads, consider orthotics, use contrast baths, and avoid high heels and pointy-toed shoes.
The Silipos All Gel Metatarsal Pad is comfortable, fits dress or casual shoes, is washable and comes in left and right configurations.
Bria ($70) features a dual density, silicone midsole--resilient in the heel with a softer metatarsal pad up front.
1) The authors assessed a 3-stage protocol of stepped care, progressing to the next stage if improvement was inadequate after 3 months: Stage I comprised patient education, footwear modifications, and a metatarsal pad placed proximal to the involved nerve; stage II, injection of steroids with local anesthetic or local anesthetic alone; and stage III, surgery.
You can try a metatarsal pad to help relieve the pain, but it's also a good idea to change shoe styles to low or flatter heels.
A metatarsal bar can be added to the shoe to avoid metatarsal pressure, but patients more easily accept metatarsal pads applied to the foot.