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the spreading of a disease (especially cancer) to another part of the body

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multilocularis results in the more invasive 'alveolar echinococcosis' that may spread metastatically through major organs.
In our haste and in the frenzy of trying to put out fires before they spread (rarely before they start), and some would correctly claim that the fires spread metastatically as do many cancers, we often overlook the basic ethical principles by which most of us operate daily.
aureus can enter the bloodstream and seed other organs metastatically, appearing in the urine or producing septic shock or endocarditis.
Measuring a cell's elasticity is one way to indicate whether it is metastatically competent -- that is, whether it is capable of spreading.
It is generally assumed that histologic tumor grade plays an important prognostic role in early-stage cancers with no or few metastatically involved axillary nodes.