metastatic tumor

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The authors found that the CTCs in patients' blood detected by Epic Sciences were an "accurate representation" of the genetic aberrations found in fresh metastatic tumor samples surgically biopsied from the patients at the same time.
Determination of the effect of [beta]-carotene on the survival rate of metastatic tumor bearing animals
In a report of 10 patients with breast cancer with metastatic tumor causing cranial nerve palsies in the absence of intracranial tumor, Hall et al (2) found extensive disease at the skull base compressing the nerves; there was no instance of trigeminal ganglion involvement.
Careful evaluation of the gross appearance of a metastatic tumor, including its color, texture, consistency, and growth features can provide clues to its classification and probable site of origin.
Future plans are to "clarify the precise utility of this marker as a diagnosis aid in metastatic tumor spread to bone," Dr.
In the upcoming Proceedings, molecular biologist Drew Pardoll of the Johns Hopkins University Medical Institutions in Baltimore says that these two studies indicate that T cells revved up with interleukin-2 "are indeed capable of trafficking into even large metastatic tumor deposits and eliminating tumor cells.
Ongoing research emphasizes 1) protein kinase C and MAP kinase signaling pathways induced by fatty acids in tumor cells in vitro, 2) mechanisms of tumor cell adhesion, migration, and invasion in vitro, 3) alterations in cytoskeletal structures in metastatic tumor cells, and 4) the role of protein glycosylation in tumor cell behavior.
It occurred to me that steady state distribution is equivalent to the metastatic tumor distribution that shows up in the autopsy datasets," Newton explained.
TTF-1 Diagnosis 1 - Metastatic tumor 2 + Primary lung 3 - Metastatic tumor 4 ([dagger]) + Metastatic tumor 5 - Metastatic tumor 6 + Primary lung 7 [+ or -] Primary lung ([double dagger]) 8 - Metastatic tumor 9 + Primary lung 10 + Primary lung 11 - Metastatic tumor 12 - Metastatic tumor 13 + Primary lung 14 - Metastatic tumor 15 - Metastatic tumor 16 + Primary lung 17 - Metastatic tumor 18 + Primary lung 19 - Metastatic tumor 20 - Metastatic tumor 21 - Metastatic tumor 22 - Metastatic tumor 23 - Metastatic tumor 24 - Metastatic tumor 25 - Metastatic tumor 26 - Metastatic tumor 27 - Metastatic tumor from large bowel 28 - Metastatic tumor 29 - Metastatic tumor 30 + Primary lung 31 ([parallel]) - Metastatic tumor 32 ([parallel]) - Metastatic tumor 33 ([parallel]) - Metastatic tumor Case No.
Depending on the patient's age and the location of the tumor, the differential diagnosis includes malignant schwannoma, malignant fibrous histiocytoma, fibrosarcoma, amelanotic melanoma, malignant lymphoma, squamous cell carcinoma, extramedullary plasmacytoma, metastatic tumor, glandular tumor, chondroma, chondrosarcoma, osteogenic sarcoma, and inverted papilloma.
Pathology revealed subtotal replacement by a metastatic tumor composed of epithelioid cells resembling the original gastric tumor cells (Fig.
The researchers report that nine of the treated individuals improved; five experienced a complete remission of their major metastatic tumor.
Our work provides evidence that innate immunity plays a major role in protecting tissues against metastatic tumor growth," said study researcher Ivan Stamenkovic, director of the Department of Experimental Pathology at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.
In each of the six patients, expression was greater in the metastatic tumor than in the primary tumor.
Nineteen of nineteen lymph nodes were involved with metastatic tumor and there were additional mesenteric deposits.