metastatic tumor

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In terms of metastatic tumors, it is evident from our study that those patients with a history of colonic adenocarcinoma had a much higher confidence of diagnosis at FSH&E (mean, 84% [range, 55%-99%]) with a smaller increase (mean, 95% [range, 60%-100%]) after FSIHC when compared to those with histories of carcinoma from other sites where a lower level of confidence in diagnosis at FSH&E (mean, 73% [range, 50%-99%]) also increased (mean, 96% [range, 85%-100%]) after FSIHC.
It is very difficult to differentiate between primary and metastatic tumors on cytology.
Both immunofluorescence and H&E staining were performed on each section of primary tumor, metastatic tumor, and normal mucosa.
Prostate-specific antigen and PsAP expression are very useful in identifying the origin of metastatic tumors because they are positive in all but the most undifferentiated prostatic carcinomas.
Fourteen cases (54%) showed no CK20 staining in both the primary and metastatic tumors.
The cytoskeletal organization of detached and circulating tumor cells (CTCs) is currently not well defined and may provide potential targets for new therapies to limit metastatic tumor spread.
To our knowledge, only one other case similar to ours has been previously reported; in that instance, the metastatic tumor was not resectable.
A separate clinical study, utilizing radiolabeled TM601, demonstrated highly specific tumor uptake of intravenously delivered 131I-TM601 in several different primary and metastatic tumor types, including glioma, metastatic melanoma, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.
Seven of 15 nodes in the left side of the neck had been invaded by metastatic tumor.
QUADRAMET selectively targets such sites of imbalance, thereby delivering radioactivity to areas of the skeleton that have been invaded by metastatic tumor.
In the post-surgery phase for metastatic tumor patients, exercise is a major element in the path to recovery.
Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness, safety and feasibility of percutaneous vertebroplasty in the treatment of spinal metastatic tumor.
3,4) In 25% of cases, oral metastatic tumors are found to be the first sign of metastatic spread and in 23% of cases; they are an indication of unidentified primary metastatic tumor of distant site.
The metastatic tumor and the original cutaneous melanoma of the back had similar morphologic features.