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(of physical systems) continuing in its present state of equilibrium unless sufficiently disturbed to pass to a more stable state of equilibrium

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Meijering has nicely discussed the thermodynamics of precipitation from unstable and metastable solid solutions.
The use of DFT, to determine the influence of 21% Si in the FCC--TiN showed that the Ti--Si--N stoichiometric phase is at metastable equilibrium and there is high probability that the compound formed corresponds to an interstitial TiN alloy where Si atoms form [Si.
2014): Deformation induced surface hardening when turning metastable austenitic steel AISI 347 with different cryogenic cooling strategies.
Metastable formations may occur under lower-temperature conditions (e.
On the contrary, [beta]-iPP is thermodynamically metastable and its lamellae piles up loosely.
Thus, the state of relatively stable or metastable equilibrium is defined as the state in which a system remains for a long period of time, and any slight disturbance causing the system to deviate from the metastable state does not result in the system passing into another state.
9,107,856 B2; GlaxoSmithKline, LLC, Wilmington, DE, has patented an alcohol-free dental appliance cleansing formulation which is applied as an appliance outside the wearer's mouth for at least about 60 seconds, and which is a metastable emulsion.
The technology platform synergistically combines physical vapor deposition techniques, together with the exploitation of metastable phase separation in a low-alkali borosilicate glass system, to produce atomically bonded optically transparent nanostructured glass coatings on wide variety of glass platforms.
Metastable oil shale ash concrete left in water saturated conditions underground is a potential threat to groundwater quality which is largely unknown at present.
Faced with glitches, no monotonie edges, metastable edges, or a combination of these anomalies, he said, engineers must identify a problem and verify that it truly exists, they must isolate the problem waveform from good waveforms, and they must collect related facts to find the root cause.
The system features patented V-lens Ion Optics Technology that eliminates baseline noise associated with the effects of metastable neutrals (a byproduct of bulk gas ionization).
Metastable ring oscillator to increase data rate was proposed by Vasyltsov et al.
Dissolution of carbonate rocks occur as a result of undersaturation of pore fluid that lead to dissolution of metastable carbonate grains and cement (aragonite/high- magnesium calcite; FlA1/4gel 2004).
6) The latter are the experimental data one obtains for microscopic objects that interact with a macroscopic measuring apparatus prepared in a metastable state, for example, the Wilson cloud chamber and the Geiger counter.