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a rule that describes how other rules should be used (as in AI)

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The metarules are the rules by which we change the rules that we need to change on a day-to-day basis.
The nation has two systems of metarules for responding to a crisis.
5 kniti ca and hence allow guna to apply to the root vowel r in accordance with the metarule 1.
Metarules of Paninian Grammar: The Vyadiyaparibhasavrtti Critically Edited with Translation and Commentary.
The selected data is organized accordingly to the expert systems theories regarding constant knowledge of the knowledge base: degree 0 facts, degree 1 facts, rules with a certain degree of confidence level and metarules.
The constitution for which unanimity can be expected would be something akin to Nozick's meta-utopia: a mere specification of metarules that apply to any number of jurisdictions and that give them the freedom to decide their own rules (in all areas that do not concern interjurisdictional issues).
Exceptionally, seven sutras of general scope provide only the examples mentioned under those sutras, as do classificatory rules (samjna), headings (adhikara), and metarules (paribhasa) listed separately at the end of the appendix.
MetaRules provide superior value to High Tower customers by receiving and correlating messages from a disparate mixture of network and security devices, and enabling network analysts to quickly pinpoint potential attacks against the network in real-time.
In later-order gaps, such as the one from the systematic to the metasystematic order, at the metasystematic order, one has to create an entire metalanguage and set of metarules in order to coordinate the operations of a previous systematic order ( Commons & Richards, 1984; The systematic order is also called the consolidated formal operational stage; Kohlberg, 1990; Pascual-Leone, 1984).
A 4 "On the derivative status of phonological rules: The function of metarules in sound change".
Our customers value the power and flexibility that MetaRules give them," said Gene Schultz, High Tower's Chief Technology Officer.
Absent an infinite regress of metarules for enforcing lower-level enforcement rules, which would unconstitutionally restrict Congress's ability to exercise "flexibility and boldness in adjustment to ever-changing conditions" (363 U.
Yet his very argumentation leads one to see--though not always--his accepted view, since certain alternatives involve such a complex of principles and metarules to be applied that they clearly suffer from what commentators call pratipattigaurava 'prolixity in understanding' and certain others clearly do not harmonize with what is said elsewhere in the Ast[bar{a}]dhy[bar{a}]y[bar{i}], in v[bar{a}]rttikas and in the Bh[bar{a}]sya.
Features such as event lifecycle management, custom MetaRules, and an easy-to-use interface are an integral part of the High Tower product.
MetaRules are, by their nature, more sophisticated and comprehensive than rules currently used by other systems.