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the philosophical study of being and knowing

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Granted this horrible picture you have drawn, yet you must confess that metaphysics was inherently potent in so far as it drew humanity out of this dark period and on into the illumination of the succeeding centuries.
No, I repeat, metaphysics had nothing to do with it.
As Berkeley himself attested, his metaphysics didn't work.
You do not know that Bishop Berkeley attested that his metaphysics did not work.
I take it as proof that Berkeley's metaphysics did not work, because--" Ernest paused calmly for a moment.
And in return you preach to your employers the brands of metaphysics that are especially acceptable to them; and the especially acceptable brands are acceptable because they do not menace the established order of society.
Pickwick; 'I was not aware that that valuable work contained any information respecting Chinese metaphysics.
Pickwick's knee, and looking round with a smile of intellectual superiority --'he read for metaphysics under the letter M, and for China under the letter C, and combined his information, Sir
In fact, it is quite unpractical, and, as in this age to be practical is everything, I shall go back to Philosophy and study Metaphysics.
Mr Parkes, finding himself in the position of having got into metaphysics without exactly seeing his way out of them, stammered forth an apology and retreated from the argument.
It is to Bon-Bon - but let this go no farther - it is to Bon-Bon that Kant himself is mainly indebted for his metaphysics.
So the sentence now read 'o nous estin augos', and is, you perceive, the fundamental doctrines in his metaphysics.
My mother is like old George the Third," said the Vicar, "she objects to metaphysics.
He had often told me that there was every reason to believe from their writings, which he had learned to read while we were incarcerated in Phutra, that they were a just race, and that in certain branches of science and arts they were quite well advanced, especially in genetics and metaphysics, engineering and architecture.
Naess has rightly noted that, despite the life-philosophical reinterpretation of the concern of metaphysics, Carnap and Dilthey have one thing in common with the metaphysical systems: "They are 'totalizing' views of reality, in Dilthey's sense; they 'set' certain values and represent decisions.