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Synonyms for metaphysical

Synonyms for metaphysical

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without material form or substance

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highly abstract and overly theoretical

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Still, what strengthened both tendencies was that metaphysical prejudice for the "Absolute," the false intellectual conscience.
There, again, is the constitutional shrinking, through a kind of metaphysical prejudice, from the concrete--that fear of the actual--in this case, of the Church of history; to which the admissions, which form so large a part of these volumes, naturally lead.
Another time, when Ernest had just said that the metaphysical philosophers could never stand the test of truth, Dr.
The Thoughtful Heart: The Metaphysics of John Henry Newman with a Fully Annotated Reader's Text of Newman's Discursive Enquiries on Metaphysical Subjects.
14, Metaphysical Erotica authors Saqqarah and Megan Hussey pledge to join the nationwide protest of violence against women and girls; also joining the ultimate celebration of the rise of the Divine Feminine.
s clear personal commitment to the saints leads to a theological anthropology revolving around social desire, the human longing for shared meaning that is personal without being individualistic, and that aspires to participate in a reality inclusive of the metaphysical.
Ambassadors Between Worlds" is a spiritual and metaphysical read from Damiana Sage Miller as she shares her perspectives on how we should approach other worlds, worlds where we may not be bound by a physical body and the laws of Earth do not apply.
The second conversation between a Teacher and a Tower Warden contrasts thinking as surmising with the scientific or metaphysical inquiry that seeks grounds.
The Essential Dowsing Guide" is a metaphysical exploration of the act and how to embrace it.
In a policy update, the firm said that the sales of "advice, spells, curses, hexing, conjuring, magic services, prayers, blessings; Psychic, Tarot, Reiki, and other metaphysical readings and services; magic potions [and] healing sessions" were all forbidden from 30 August.
He identifies six voices or modes Heidegger used to examine ontological homelessness and homecoming and uses them to structure his own discussion: representational language on metaphysical issues of being; poetically informed language on poetizing and the holy; combined direct but "poetically informed vocabulary-movement" concerning being, language, and world; two-track thinking of "clear narrative" and "high originary saying" tracking to fro across the history the not-yet- metaphysical, metaphysical, and no-longer-metaphysical; "originary- poetic musing" on "disclosure of world by saying;" and "originary, plain, and dialectical saying" focusing on dwelling and place.
A sold choice for any spirituality collection, as well as metaphysical studies supplemental reading list.
Newspaper, radio, and television writer Harry Highstreet presents The OOBE File, a consciousness-expanding novel of metaphysical awareness beyond the individual comfort zone.
A Republic of Mind and Spirit: A Cultural History of American Metaphysical Religion.
That can only be known through divine revelation and by metaphysical reflection.