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the second stage of meiosis

the second stage of mitosis

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Some female reptiles and insects can reproduce on their own by parthenogenesis, or when an unfertilized egg in metaphase II begins to divide without sperm.
Seagate's global deployment of Metaphase Enterprise helps our employees collaborate more easily on product design, and gain access to the information they need, when they need it.
EAI's enhanced PMI offering provides a total environment for automatic data preparation, overlay management, visualization and printing with metadata stamping within the Metaphase framework.
LED Specialists and Metaphase will join the Arrow Consulting Engineering Services (ACES) program, which assists Arrow's customers in quickly finding highly skilled design service firms.
As Metaphase has gained acceptance in the marketplace, our customers, industry analysts, distribution channel partners and employees have urged us to move to a focused entity," said James E.
Prior to EAI, Nierman was chief operating officer and executive vice president at SDRC, having successfully led Metaphase from its inception through its market leadership and acquisition by SDRC.
Control Data has been awarded several new contracts in the last few weeks for Metaphase software and consulting services combined with the company's new Rialto Info*Engine product.
We're responding directly to broad customer demand for an enterprise CSM solution tied into our PDM system," said Bob Nierman, CEO of Metaphase.
Note to Editors: SDRC and Metaphase are registered trademarks, and Accelis is a trademark, of Structural Dynamics Research Corporation.
After an extensive search, we selected Metaphase because of the product's depth and breadth of functionality.
SDRC is pleased that Nissan has recognized I-DEAS and Metaphase as the backbone of product development in a competitive, dynamic market," said Bill Weyand, chairman and CEO, SDRC.
Note to Editors: SDRC, I-DEAS and Metaphase are registered trademarks and I-DEAS Enterprise is a trademark of Structural Dynamics Research Corporation.
The KaryoSearch is a sophisticated system for identifying hard-to- find cells which have entered into metaphase and are ready to be examined.
Note to Editors: SDRC, Metaphase and Sherpa are registered trademarks, and Accelis is a trademark, of Structural Dynamics Research Corporation.