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a fundamental change in one's beliefs

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The Metanoia Project, a Cleveland-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Cleveland's homeless population by providing overnight shelter and support through its outreach efforts is pleased to once again partner with The Cleveland Police Department's 2nd District for the 4th Annual Sock & Underwear Drive.
Based on "the dying stages" of his former relationship, Metanoia is split into four separate chapters: Premonition, Remember the 5th, Where Do I Belong?
fast SFP in the market, by a top tier operator like Swisscom in their network, is a very significant achievement for Metanoia and the recognition of the maturity of our technology.
Just like any interior design firm or architect in Israel, Metanoia has partnerships with many home design retailers whose various products are scanned into the VR program.
Peters claims that the cure for this (if there is a cure) is the ethics of solidarity, which she breaks down into four "tasks": metanoia, honoring difference, accountability, and action.
While metanoia is most often translated in the New Testament as "repentance," it is more accurately understood as a total personal transformation that is reflected in both thought and behaviour.
In that regard, her "Sciamachia," a figure of a kneeling girl in a black dress holding a long, heavy rope attached to a giant black shadow in front of her, is perhaps the apex of the Metanoia conceit: The rope is functioning almost like a noose around the shadow's neck.
A Working Sense of Eucharistic Theology: Koinonia and Metanoia
Referentes que al conocer y poseer generan una especie de metanoia interior que transforma el conocimiento en afectividad <<secuestrativa>>.
Moreover, it is explained how the phenomenon of conversion in literary works follows the biblical concepts of epistrophe and metanoia, of which a historical-philosophical background is given.
The call and new direction in this section is expressed in terms of metanoia, to a renewed sense of humility that trusts in the freedom of the Spirit to "blow wherever she wills" and to touch creation.
In 1968, Ivy sold Metanoia to Ross along with a parcel of land which he sub- divided into four, one acre, lakefront plots.
He uses the theological concept of metanoia to frame an explanation of how clergy purported to change minds in order to prepare the audience for action.
Sukran Moral and VALIE EXPORT: Despair & Metanoia
Estas inmersiones en la metanoia se hacen de forma individual y con un componente etico del que carece la heroicidad homerica, pero esta metanoia etica mantiene el fuego de la afirmacion de uno mismo, del orgullo y de cierta ira.