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Synonyms for metamorphosis

Synonyms for metamorphosis

the process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another

Synonyms for metamorphosis

the marked and rapid transformation of a larva into an adult that occurs in some animals

a striking change in appearance or character or circumstances

a complete change of physical form or substance especially as by magic or witchcraft

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Metamorphosis will run daily from 10am to 10pm until January 27.
And in this way, from the poem's opening invocation onwards, metamorphosis and citation go hand in hand --as much a methodology as a mythical theme.
GreenWave Advisors, LLC has released a report that calls a marijuana market metamorphosis with both legalized medical and recreational use, evaluating the practicality of a merged regulatory regime, the company said.
Since unveiling Metamorphosis by Plantasens at In-Cosmetics Paris, we've had lots of positive feedback from industry players excited to experiment with the possibilities we're creating for their formulations.
He said his metamorphosis would be from the foul-mouthed mayor to a presidential leader.
Supply of liquid motor fuels and heating municipality Metamorphosis, heating oil for the needs of the business community and the School Committee of Primary Education of the Municipality of Metamorphosis.
Metamorphosis Opera Theater focuses on bringing people together in a learning community focusing on music and the arts.
The idea of metamorphosis explored in this book is far wider reaching than the literary tropes exemplified in Ovid's popular treatment, however influential Ovid may have been on Renaissance literature.
Serosch metamorphosis that usually appears in various forms to provide guidance and assistance to the heroes of the story is good.
Size and date at metamorphosis during the recruitment season were determined for 1,925 postlarvae (shell length, 255-900 [micro]m) with prodissoconch II (PII) measurements.
In 2011, he also took part in a new venture: Arthur Pita's dance-theater adaptation of the Kafka novella, The Metamorphosis, a Royal Ballet production that tours to New York's Joyce Theater this month.
Facultative paedomorphosis refers to among-individual variation in metamorphosis: some individuals experience the typical metamorphosis as a juvenile whereas others become sexual mature and forego metamorphosis (i.
The role of such alterations in the surviving literary texts of ancient Mesopotamia, a subject that has not yet been the subject of any comprehensive study, stands in stark contrast: the topos of metamorphosis, here defined specifically as radical physical transformation from one category of being to another (as from human to animal), is rarely invoked and is associated with only a few deities in a very restricted set of circumstances.
30pm and The Royal Ballet's Metamorphosis on Monday, July 16, at 7.
How these cues are detected and the physiological mechanisms underlying settlement and metamorphosis have not been as extensively studied among coral larvae as among other cnidarians.