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change in the structure of rock by natural agencies such as pressure or heat or introduction of new chemical substances

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The extension and deformation of the lithosphere and its melting in continental back-arc settings were the most probable causes of that magmatism and the associated metamorphism (Skridlaite et al.
Bedrock samples from the vicinity of the North structure contain planar deformation and other petrographic features broadly consistent with those observed in samples from the Bloody Creek structure but not diagnostic of shock metamorphism.
Sometimes the diabase dykes have experienced the metamorphism in Amphibiolite outcrop.
The metamorphic rocks in the Arquia valley were affected by prograde metamorphism, which was followed by a retrograde event after reaching maximum temperature and pressure conditions.
At most localities, however, the carbon has been secondarily reduced through metamorphism and/or oxidative weathering (Lin and Briggs 2010), with the loss of both resolvable detail and recoverable microfossils.
The topics include microstructures of melt-bearing regional metamorphic rocks, high-pressure and ultra-high-temperature metamorphism of Precambrian high-grade terranes in the Limpopo Complex, the Neo-archean to Paleo-proterozoic evolution of the polymetamorphic central zone of the complex, and a gravitational redistribution model for the formation and evolution of Precambrian granulite terranes.
However, our major focus was on certain trivialities in the analysis such as metaphors or labels used to describe Talibans or their actions--not seeing them in linguistic metamorphism but as a label negative in its manifestation and its frequency.
By contrast, a decisive argument for a meteorite impact is provided by the shock metamorphism observed on examples of ejected quartz minerals (Ernstson et al.
From studies of lunar surface images and terrestrial craters in the 1960s to investigations of extraterrestrial samples and a shock- metamorphism experimental database, Gibson (Impact Cratering Research Group, geosciences, U.
A black-and-white photograph of a wave appeared as a cipher, pointing to epic, geologic processes that also conjure a slow sense of expectancy: the sedimentation of limestone, limestone's metamorphism into marble, sandstone's metamorphism into quartzite, and water's erosion of stone.
It is a complex crater by type with evidence of shock metamorphism (Dietz 1960; Cohen and others 1961; Carlton and others 1998; Milam and others, 2011) required for impact crater identification (French 1998).
These textures indicate that these minerals were in equilibrium with the rock during metamorphism.
2005, "Constraint on the timing of Pan-African granulite-sacies metamorphism in the kerala khondalite belt of southern India SHRIMP mineral ages and Nd isotopic systamatices" The journal of Geology volume III, 95-106.
Formed when metamorphism (heat and pressure) changes sedimentary, Igneous, or other metamorphic rocks.
As a historian of geology, Rudwick has not concerned himself with the history of such major geological sub-disciplines as mineralogy, igneous petrology, metamorphism, geochemistry, geophysics, structural geology, tectonics, or economic geology.