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change in the structure of rock by natural agencies such as pressure or heat or introduction of new chemical substances

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Fluid infiltration and transport of major, minor, and trace elements during regional metamorphism of carbonate rocks, Wepawaug Schist, Connecticut, USA.
Thin sections were prepared from the samples and examined visually for evidence of shock metamorphism using a Nikon Optiophot-Pol microscope.
These are fairly typical patterns for K-bentonites that have undergone a very slight amount of low-grade metamorphism (Krekeler & Huff 1993).
For example, the structure, texture and mineral composition in the SG-3 section is mainly determined by the change of metamorphism facies from prehnitepumpellyite (0-1400 m) and greenschist (1400-4900 m) to epidote-chlorite (1400-3200 m), epidoteamphibolite (4900-6000 m) and amphibolite (600012000 m and deeper).
The evidenc of this event are: 1 angullar unconformity between stratigraphic terrane with oligomicoene age and disrupted terrane, with Eocene age 2-thrusting with SW dip direction 3-Dynamic metamorphism about philit at the margin of Nosratabad fault 4-inversed and cut folds with SW vengeance.
Only rock present at the time of impact will contain these definitive macro-scale indicators of shock metamorphism.
The settings where magnesite-rich rocks are affected by contact metamorphism or metasomatism are, therefore, truly rare.
The collision-associated volcanism and metamorphism caused the extensive mineralization in this mountain zone and its margin belts.
These zones differ in rock associations (metasediments or metavolcanites/igneous intrusions), degree of metamorphism and petrophysical properties of rocks reflected in their gravity and magnetic fields.
On the basis of this new data set we show that the Destna and the Lasenice granites represent a distinct type of two-mica granites in the Moldanubian batholith, which probably formed shortly after the peak of the high-temperature, low pressure regional metamorphism, that is documented in the surrounding Moldanubian unit.
Petroleums pass gradual stages of metamorphism transforming into soft native asphalts, asphaltites, and finally into asphaltic pyrobitumens.
From our studies, we determined that the most common assemblage at Dark Ridge is olivine + talc + tremolite + chlorite + chromite, which indicates metamorphism in the amphibolite facies.
5 Ga) rocks are completely dolomitized and partly silicified but have not undergone major metamorphism.
Over the years Karin Davie has done several variations on stripe painting, but now (in paintings at the Marianne Boesky Gallery, works on paper at Mary Boone) she seems to be putting that well-worn modernist trope through what geologists call a metamorphism - the kind of deformation that occurs under the effect of extreme heat or pressure.
Such metamorphism pushes a rock's carbon isotopic ratio toward heavier values, thus wiping out any signature of life.