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Synonyms for metamorphic

of or relating to metamorphosis (especially of rocks)


characterized by metamorphosis or change in physical form or substance

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According to LNG Management, Ng has become an advisory board member for Metamorphic Ventures.
The $3 million raise was led by Metamorphic Ventures and other leading technology investors and venture capital firms, including Lerer-Hippeau Ventures, Lowercase Capital, RRE Ventures, Lumia Capital, and strategic angel investors.
The Bras d'Or terrane is characterized by three main rock associations: metamorphic and igneous rocks, comprising gneiss formed at high metamorphic grade but relatively low pressure of metamorphism from pelitic to psammitic protoliths, and incorporating thin layers of marble and amphibolite; lower metamorphic grade dominantly clastic metasedimentary rocks, but also including minor calcareous and mafic components; and a suite of late Neoproterozoic calc-alkaline plutons and associated volcanic rocks (Raeside and Barr 1992).
Metamorphic Ventures is a New York City-based venture capital firm that invests in start-up and early stage technology companies.
This work also provides the deduced metamorphic conditions and its associated P-T path.
This site is characterized by a mixed population of paedomorphic and metamorphic salamanders.
But over time, the sedimentary rock was squeezed, heated, and transformed into a metamorphic rock called quartzite.
The presence of sillimanite is important as it reflects a high grade metamorphic overprint has occurred.
Gold mineralization at Trun is associated with large granite and syenite stocks that intrude a broad anticline of metamorphic rocks.
Kate Schott who runs Enlightened Living, which provides new approaches to self-healing and personal development by offering sessions of Metamorphic Technique, Mind Detox Method and Inspirational Workshops, believes that winning the competition has offered her fledgling business new opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise.
Most of the studies develop a pointed analysis of the classical text and its later reception, clearly stating the implications of the Ovidian influence in terms of content (see revisions of Ovidian myths in Gur Zak, "A Humanist in Exile: Ovid's Myth of Narcissus and the Experience of Self in Petrarch's "Secretum" 179-98; and Kathryn McKinley, "Lessons for a King from Gower's "Confessio Amantis" 107-30), moral and cultural authority (Marilynn Desmond, "The Goddess Diana and the Ethics of Reading in the "Ovide Moralise" 61-76; Cora Fox, "Authorising the Metamorphic Witch: Ovid in Reginald Scot's "Discoverie of Witchcraft" 165-78); intertextuality (Jamie C.
The sites encompassed a range of soil lithological types--mainly metamorphic rock, shale, and basalt, with the rest a variety of other types, including granite, quartzite and sandstone.
Because jade and other associated metamorphic rocks are found on both sides of the fault, and because the jade to the north is younger by about 60 million years, a team of geologists posits that the North American and Caribbean plates have done more than simply slide past each other: they have collided, and that too twice.
Among the topics are pressure-temperature evolution and evidence for solution-mass-transfer deformation, brittle strain on the Coast Range fault zone, and the role of ductille thinning of the overburden to exhumation of the high-pressure metamorphic rocks.
Schistose Quartz: Schistose quartz is also known as "Injected metamorphic quartz" (Krynine, 1950).