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Synonyms for metamorphic

of or relating to metamorphosis (especially of rocks)


characterized by metamorphosis or change in physical form or substance

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In regional metamorphic rocks, the partitioning of deformation into progressive shearing and shortening components results in the fact that garnet porphyroblasts cannot nucleate and grow in zones of active progressive shearing, as they would be dissolved by the effects of shearing strain on their boundaries (e.
Rebolledo and Charrier (1994) regarded the above described schists and gneisses as the metamorphic equivalent to the Arrayan Formation (Devonian--early Carboniferous) according to Munoz Cristi (1942), Cecioni (1962, 1974) and Bernardes de Oliveira and Roesler (1980).
Time from egg laying to metamorphic emergence (larval period) of Spea intermontana at the pool site was approximately 68 to 71 d, with an estimated minimum metamorphic success of 14.
The best natural metamorphic inducer for queen conch is an extract of the red alga Laurencia potei (Lamouroux) Howe, 1918 (Davis et al.
This site is characterized by a mixed population of paedomorphic and metamorphic salamanders.
Transactis' investors include StarVest Partners, Metamorphic Ventures and senior management.
The presence of sillimanite is important as it reflects a high grade metamorphic overprint has occurred.
This is one of a series of books in the 'Let's Rock' series, the others being Fossils, Igneous Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Minerals, Sedimentary Rocks and Soil.
Kate Schott who runs Enlightened Living, which provides new approaches to self-healing and personal development by offering sessions of Metamorphic Technique, Mind Detox Method and Inspirational Workshops, believes that winning the competition has offered her fledgling business new opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise.
This assertion is most particularly evidenced in the meticulous discussion of metamorphic principles in a body of literature, commencing in the Middle Ages, that was itself in a state of fluidity and innovative linguistic and structural development, influenced by the socioeconomic and political imperatives of the day.
There are three types of rocks--sedimentary (sed-uh-MEN-tuh-ree), igneous (IG-nee-us), and metamorphic (met-uh-MOR-fick).
Among his topics are Colin Clout and Old Palemon read the Tristia, Spenser's Golding, anamorphic and metamorphic patterning in Spenser, and Ovidian tendencies in Spenser's erotic poetry.
Because jade and other associated metamorphic rocks are found on both sides of the fault, and because the jade to the north is younger by about 60 million years, a team of geologists posits that the North American and Caribbean plates have done more than simply slide past each other: they have collided, and that too twice.
Both the Inverted Metamorphic Multi-junction solar cell and Hybrid CIGS (thin-film photo-voltaics that use layers of copper indium gallium diselenide), developed by the U.