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someone who works metal (especially by hammering it when it is hot and malleable)

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We want to make sure that the SS Stockport gets a fitting memorial, and I would like to encourage any local artist, metalworker or sculptor to submit their ideas for the memorial.
Metalworkers held signs that read "Democracy or nothing," and "Metal workers stand with Can DE-ndar and Erdem GE-l.
Fielding CNC equipment alongside trained metalworkers will also allow field and sustainment maintenance units to fabricate single or multiple parts to exact specifications and more quickly.
As a result metalworkers had already nearly two millennia of experience of working with meteoritic iron when iron smelting was introduced in the mid-second millennium BC.
The results confirm that already in the fourth millennium BC metalworkers had mastered the smithing of meteoritic iron, an iron-nickel alloy much harder and more brittle than the more commonly worked copper.
Made from a soft, energy absorbing polymer, E-A-R brand Classic earplugs provide comfortable hearing protection for metalworkers in moderate to high noise environments.
Milnsbridge joiners and metalworkers Manzana Contracts spent its PS8,000 grant on waste wood heaters reducing their energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint by 160 tonnes a year.
But the metalworkers union representing the workers said in a statement that it understood the threatened jobs were to be maintained until the end of the year.
Representatives of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA), whose members are involved in the walkout three days ago, were not immediately available for comment.
The scuttlebuck was that it was due to the use of carpenters who had been converted to metalworkers, but who didn't have the background of experienced metalworkers.
For the facade's framework, which was fabricated by 40 skilled metalworkers, the firm worked with digital consultants; for the lighting and landscaping, they drew from other pools of talent.
Exhibition of work from 12 contemporary jewellers and metalworkers based in Cape Town; Costume Drama: Fashion from 1790 to 1850 (Sudley House, Mossley Hill) runs until May 7, 2012.
In addition, the extremely fast start of the angle grinder can grab any unsecured or loosely secured work-piece and fling it at high speed right into the face of the operator, with possibly serious consequences--a fact to which a number of blacksmiths and other metalworkers can attest.
The company has agreed to a three-year contract with the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa that will see its members' wages increase by eight percent in the first year, and then by consumer price inflation plus two percentage points in the following years.