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an engineer trained in the extraction and refining and alloying and fabrication of metals

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com)-- GE Aviation has certified two metallurgists from Laboratory Testing Inc.
He expressed his hope that the celebrations would constantly remind metallurgist of their responsibility towards the society and help them find viable solutions to challenges.
The awards function was a part of IIM's annual technical meeting at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, to mark the 48th National Metallurgists Day and the 64th Annual Technical Meeting.
Metallurgists work on all parts of a metal's life cycle, from when ores are first mined until metal objects are recycled into new materials.
To better fill this niche in the industry, David established the practice of having a metallurgist with foundry experience on staff at Federal Metal.
Then, when I was working as a metallurgist, Jack joined us and we began working on the same site.
FRANK Gehry might think about contracting for the services of a good metallurgist.
The university will also bestow honorary degrees on David Bintley, artistic director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, director of the Royal Institute Prof Susan Greenfield and Chinese metallurgist Prof Tsun Ko.
The Shimadzu Sequential Plasma Spectrophotometer Model ICPS-7510 is a high precision analytical equipment used for quantitative chemical analysis, so sensitive that it is capable of accurately detecting levels as low as one part per billion, equivalent to measuring a milligram per metric ton, which compares favorably to the usual mining industry practice of measuring precious metal content in grams per metric ton," stated Chief Metallurgist Elvis Hidalgo, President of Pearl Asian's Chemical/Metallurgical Lab Division.
Martin was a senior metallurgist with Sperry Gyroscope, New York.
The upshot could be a lot more metal replacing plastic, rather than the other way around, says Caltech metallurgist William L.
The challenge in doing so will be both technical and financial, one metallurgist contacted for this story noted.
Chief Metallurgist Engineer Elvis Hidalgo and his team of engineers had started the designing and reconstructing of the newly acquired building.
Alexander was chief metallurgist and a pioneering ductile iron researcher during a 40-year career at International Harvester, Memphis, Tenn.
Several years ago, while still working at the FBI, metallurgist William Tobin began questioning this practice.