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coat with metal


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Also, certain plastics tend not to metallize well, so clients need to know what the differences are, and which method would be best to achieve the results they are looking for," he says.
C+N Packaging has also ramped up capabilities to meet the trend toward metallized accents, offering a technique to metallize plastics.
The new vacuum metallizer lines provide excellent processing capability with the ability to metallize a range of gauges between 12 and 50 microns at high speeds, providing outstanding barrier properties.
ei3's solutions will maximize the productivity of Vacumet's two process lines that primarily metallize plastics for packaging, decorative packaging, and labels.
Because experiments have now shown that hydrogen metallizes at lower pressures and higher temperatures than previously thought, scientists are changing their views of the Jovian core and surface to try to account for Jupiter's large magnetic field, which averages more than 12 times that of Earth.