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any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc


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Depending on whom you speak to, the definition of a "heavy metal" can be as broad as every metallic element except lithium and sodium, or as limited as the few metals mentioned in the CONEG-type legislation (from the Coalition of Northeastern Governors) popping up all over the country to limit the hazardous content of packaging.
Copper is reddish, malleable and ductile metallic element with excellent thermal and electrical conductive qualities.
The lead here is not the metallic element, but is used in the sense of head-start--developing a drug from an already well known compound.
In science, which metallic element in the Periodic Table is given the symbol Ni?
What is the modern name of the metallic element once known as aurum?
For example:: If a gun contains the metallic element iron (atomic number 26), energy in passing X-rays collides with atoms inside the iron.
Titanium is a metallic element used to alloy metals for low weight, high strength and high-temperature stability.
Witnesses described billows of smoke reaching about 200 feet high as emergency crews let the metallic element burn itself out, rather than apply water, which would only accelerate flames, Goldman said.
Antimony is a toxic metallic element with several specialised uses.
Floor repair aluminum sliding door with glass obliquely includes: change of rhodes, adjust door installation gasket seals, metal guides change, change of basis for guides,repair and welding of flat roof around the tower cab control,sealing window frames and repair of metallic element thereof
Which metallic element, atomic number 50, has the symbol Sn?
Hafnium is a common metallic element used in nuclear reactors.
Which radioactive metallic element was discovered and named in 1939 by Marguerite Perey to honour her country?
By comparing the changing concentration of life-derived phosphorous in the mud with the relatively stable concentration of titanium--a metallic element that erodes from rock as iron does but that organisms don't typically use--Filippelli and Latimer could estimate variations in biological productivity in the southern oceans.