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screw made of metal

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But her foot eventually did pointe the way it used to, and she no longer feels the metal screw.
Mother of two Mrs Wherry, 34, had not realised a metal screw supporting a utensil rack was touching a live wire.
The bottles come with a metal screw cap, similar to many modern wine brands.
Sells is missing a front tooth and has the metal screw of a dental implant showing where his front tooth should be.
Mary Wherry, 34, daughter of Jenny Tonge, MP for Richmond Park, placed a metal utensil on a metal rack not realising the metal screw supporting the rack was touching a live electricity cable.
Although price increases will support dollar gains, aggregate volume demand for metal closures will be restrained by declining demand for metal screw and lug caps and aluminum roll-ons as they continue to lose share to plastics.
The two broken bones needed a metal screw inserted which must stay permanently.
Metal screw caps and plastic stoppers produce 10-24 times more greenhouse gases and consume as much as five times more non-renewable energy than real cork over their life-cycles, according to a peer-reviewed study by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Mrs Denby was convinced surgeons had failed to remove a metal screw tet she was told that there was "no evidence of any significant residual metal within the field of surgery".
Horrified mum Judith Cronin said the one-inch metal screw just missed three-year-old Sara's eye.
A metal screw was inserted but the 28-year-old then felt pain when he tried to sprint.
J & J and B & DFL designed the 15ml 'Voyager' bottles in response to their requirements for a stylish single-portion glass bottle with a leak-proof and tamper-evident metal screw cap.
Many wine producers have switched to metal screw caps over the last five years because of concerns over corks, which have happily served the grape trampling industry for several thousands of years.
A TODDLER who doctors believed was dying from asthma was found to have a metal screw in his lungs.
The two broken bones needed a metal screw inserted which must stay permanently, and Klos says: ``The doctor told me that this was a very bad injury, but the screw has done the job and there should be no problem for me.