metal drum

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a cylindrical metal container used for shipping or storage of liquids


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This joint venture is committed to bringing India some of the world's latest packaging solutions in metal drums.
Bucket without cover (Plate 3) and covered metal drums without handle represented 10.
Also like the K90, the K60 features a Windows Lock key for uninterrupted game play, as well as the regular six multimedia keys, as well as a weighted metal drum roller for volume adjustment.
A man has been convicted of killing his wife and then hiding her body in a metal drum in his garage for 23 years.
1%) 263 (100%) Table 3: Parboiling container for dry-yam at different Processing Area Parboiling container Abeokuta Ibarapa Iseyin Saki Saki pot 1 2 23 29 Clay pot - 30 29 7 Metal drum 1 - - 28 Plastic bowl 3 - - - Total processor 5 (1.
Developed in France by Bull Computer during the early 1980s, it recorded an electronic magnetic image onto a hard metal drum and transferred the variable data under pressure to a wide range of substrates.
The music teacher introduced and led an in-depth discussion on some Indian instruments such as the tambura (a drone instrument with a pear-shaped gourd resonator, a long tapering neck, and four strings), the tabla (a pair of drums with a small wooden drum called the dayan and a larger metal drum called bayan), and the harmonium (a reed organ with hand-pumped bellows imported from Europe).
A metal drum containing the corrosive material sulphur dioxide started to leak on the Acrylonitrile Plant of BASF, Seal Sands at about 8pm yesterday.
Once people had tried the spinning metal drum, there was no going back to the scrubbing board.
Tests on a metal drum found in Iraq thought to contain nerve agents and mustard gas have ruled out chemical weapons.
cleaners, decontaminants, and containers, including hand and surface cleaners, a metal drum, and liners for contaminated clothing;
Since wooden barrels are scarce today, use your imagination, creativity, and what you have available: a metal drum, an old refrigerator, a small structure made from scrap wood, whatever.
Below are the reading desks, to which you descend by an elegant freestanding spiral stair clad in a metal drum.
How many times have you seen a large metal drum with a tap on it placed under a gutter downpipe to collect water for that very reason?
This simple-looking metal drum, which is connected to a switch box, pump and solar panels, is being used for the treatment of contaminated soil.