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a cylindrical metal container used for shipping or storage of liquids


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In the most recent Gambian election, for example, there was a metal drum for each candidate, painted in the color of the candidate's party and bearing a photo of the candidate, the name of the candidate, and the symbol of the candidate's party.
A metal drum containing the corrosive material sulphur dioxide started to leak on the Acrylonitrile Plant of BASF, Seal Sands at about 8pm yesterday.
Tests on a metal drum found in Iraq thought to contain nerve agents and mustard gas have ruled out chemical weapons.
cleaners, decontaminants, and containers, including hand and surface cleaners, a metal drum, and liners for contaminated clothing;
Since wooden barrels are scarce today, use your imagination, creativity, and what you have available: a metal drum, an old refrigerator, a small structure made from scrap wood, whatever.
Below are the reading desks, to which you descend by an elegant freestanding spiral stair clad in a metal drum.
How many times have you seen a large metal drum with a tap on it placed under a gutter downpipe to collect water for that very reason?
This simple-looking metal drum, which is connected to a switch box, pump and solar panels, is being used for the treatment of contaminated soil.
Photocopiers work by putting an electrostatic charge on a metal drum.
Russell had put out the word that he wanted an old metal drum to use as a brazier for burning his old woody material.
The wax is heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and then sprayed onto a large metal drum, where it is cooled into granules.
The judge told Boyle, "She Valerie Bordley is understandably traumatised by the fact that, for 23 years, the remains of her sister lay in a metal drum in your possession.
AN ILLEGAL scrap metal merchant who sent a metal drum flying over a house into the driveway of a Solihull church could have killed himself or a passer-by, a council officer said.
An illegal scrap metal merchant who caused a metal drum to fly over a house and land in the driveway of a Solihull church could have killed himself or a passer-by, a council officer said yesterday.
Firefighters say the metal drum was filled with coal and had a makeshift chimney in the top.