metacentric chromosome

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a chromosome having two equal arms because the centromere is in median position

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Presence or absence of metacentric chromosome -0,31 0,18 0,39 0,31 0,00 6.
Besides the centromeric blocks, the presence of a small interstitial band was observed on the long arm of the fourth pair of metacentric chromosomes for A.
Telomeric C-bands were observed mostly in the telomeres of a metacentric chromosome and a submetacentric chromosome.
Grasshopper female spindles are extremely asymmetric (Hewitt 1976, 1979), and recently Bidau and Marti (2004) obtained indirect evidence of the operation of centromere drive for metacentric chromosomes in Dichroplus pratensis.
2002); Mesabolivar luteus (Keyserling 1891) showed 2n = 15 = 7II + X in males and 2n = 16 = 7II + XX in females with a metacentric chromosome morphology; in the male specimens of Micropholcus fauroti (Simon 1887), the diploid number was 2n = 17 = 8II + X, with the chromosomes being described as biarmed (Araujo et al.
The karyotype of this species is identical to those reported here for the Caucasian snow vole and Robert's snow vole, including the possession of a metacentric chromosome 26.
Chromosome 1 the largest metacentric chromosome was easily discriminated at mitotic metaphase cells without any staining and any molecular cytogenetic techniques employed.
Marking was observed in a single metacentric chromosome pair (not individually identified on the karyotypes).
The X chromosome is the largest subacrocentric and Y is the smallest metacentric chromosome in Lohi sheep (Ali, 1993).
sativa was the only subspecies having a metacentric chromosome marker in its complement within the species.
A metacentric chromosome with an interstitial band closer to the centromeric band than to the telomeric band on the short arm.
The diploids had 15 metacentric chromosome pairs and 4 submetacentric chromosome pairs (no.